Changing Channels

I had to do it.

I had to “unfriend” a former associate on Facebook a few weeks ago for “accusing” me of only watching FOX News.

Although I “lean right” on many political and social topics, I have spent my career as a journalist trying to be fair …  probably even to the point of overdoing it at times!

(Although, let me be clear that Changing Channels is a blog post based on my opinions of the news, television, etc… an important distinction, esp. after my Joy Behar posts)

This supposed “friend” doesn’t know me and the fact that I watch plenty of CNN and even dabble a bit in MSNBC.

Sean Hannity

However, if I was to do a “report card” on the latter network’s “personalities” it would be: left, left, far left and even FURTHER left for all of them.

CNN too leans left, though not as strongly as MSNBC.

FOX News takes  a beating in some quarters for being a tool of the right wing of the Republican party, but when you break down the anchors’ presentations the network comes in “only” center-right.

In my opinion, Shep Smith is actually center-left, while Bill O’Reilly makes painstaking steps to stay in the center on his very popular ‘Factor’ program.

Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren are arguably right-leaning, while Sean Hannity is further-right, like his radio show, but also regularly argues it out with liberals like Juan Williams.

All in all, not a bad report card, especially when compared to other media outlets.

What say you? Feel free to comment, whether to agree or disagree.


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