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OK, as if I don’t make some people angry enough writing about one television topic, I am going to try to take on several in one feature. There was plenty of brouhaha over Al Roker’s comment to Matt Lauer about […]

Tim Allen hasn’t changed much in  recent years, and for that we can ALL be thankful! The once-troubled ex-con turned comedian turned television star is still making us laugh in his latest ABC comedy, Last Man Standing. Allen flourished with […]

I forgot where I first saw the  question, but it has certainly stuck with me: Does it really matter what nation wins the most medals at the Olympics? Ummm…I’ll take that one … YES! Of course I am an American […]

Ruth, Mantle … and Aug! OK, that’s a bit much but Changing Channels did hit the big 5-0-0 this past week! As in 500 comments drawn from the nearly 300 posts I have  penned since Beliefnet gave me the opportunity […]

Sharon Osbourne is probably leaving America’s Got Talent a season too late, in my opinion. In her seventh season at AGT, Osbourne’s comments to contestants and her laugh/cackle have gotten a bit old and stale. That may sound offensive, but […]

Clint Eastwood is looking for hope and change when it comes to the 2012 presidential race. He apparently hopes Mitt Romney can change the course of a still-struggling economy that posted decent jobs growth this past month but is still […]

The London Olympics have to be considered a success with a mostly fun, if overblown, opening night and lots of great competitions. But my trainer the other day brought up a very interesting point in which I thought I should […]