Changing Channels

Ruth, Mantle … and Aug!

OK, that’s a bit much but Changing Channels did hit the big 5-0-0 this past week!

As in 500 comments drawn from the nearly 300 posts I have  penned since Beliefnet gave me the opportunity to blog about television over a year ago.

While I want more money and a company car would be nice … just kidding BN, believe me! … I am pleased to have this opportunity to share my thoughts with you about TV and the state of things.

And the comments, 75 for instance on the recent piece on Robin Roberts’ illness, have much more to do on the subjects and you readers than they do about me.

“Wishing the best for Robin! Please let her know that was praises go up, blessings come down and we are sending up prayers for her and her family! —  Ann Davis” … was among the many reader comments, and I couldn’t concur more with the sentiment for the GMA host.

Sherman Hemsley

My blog on Sherman Hemsley’s passing wasn’t so “loved”, however, as I did use part of it to point the difference of what I see in a character (George Jefferson) who embraced capitalism to a president today who appears to have serious issues with it.

I stand by my point, but some readers clearly didn’t like it and didn’t see that as the proper forum to make it.

“I was interested in your article because I am a fan of Sherman, but the B.S about the President is just that – B.S. You clearly are another one of the Teapublicans that is in love with cliches, buzz words and catch phrases, and unsubstantiated opinions. — reader”

He got me, I gotta’ admit … I am a Republican and I love my tea, especially sweet. For the record, I am not a member of the Tea Party, but I am proud of them for standing up for America.

I appreciate everyone reading the blog and all the comments too!

Keep ’em coming and please brew up some more tea!

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