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If it was just a show … then the Republican National Convention was one heckuva show at that. But I wouldn’t want to call it just a show, not to the likes of all the terrific governors who spoke or […]

Call me old-fashioned and that’s just fine but there’s something appropriate about owners acting like owners. I guess I am spoiled by how the Tisch and Mara families have handled themselves as owners of the New York Giants: with dignity […]

First off, for a disclaimer, I am NOT a big fan of everything Los Angeles. Take the traffic, overcrowding, bloated sports teams and mostly liberal politicians. Take them all … please! That said, it’s difficult not to admire and respect […]

A FOX insider has  told Hollywood Reporter that Nicki Minaj will be tapped as a judge on the next season of American Idol. Apparently Keith Urban isn’t far behind signing up as a judge on the reality competition show, either. […]

OK, I’ll admit it … occasionally when I get angry or frustrated I use a curse word or two. I am not proud of that and I always feel disappointed and worse about it when I do. It’s not classy […]

At 6’5, 275 pounds and often flashing a gap-tooth grin former New York Giants star Michael Strahan is hard to miss. He’ll be even more difficult to miss soon when he takes over as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on ABC’s Live. […]

Phyllis Diller, who never had any trouble cracking wise about herself while making us laugh in the process, died Monday at her Brentwood home outside Los Angeles. She was 95. Diller wasn’t a classic beauty, but she was a pretty […]

After seeing her perform on Wednesday’s Today Show I am not heartbroken over Nicki Minaj’s cancelled tour. I am sorry, but I’m not. As if it’s not bad enough that most female performers are scantily clad/too sexily dressed therse days. […]

He was mocked, disrespected and even accused of being the “real” president. But let me tell you something … Vice President Dick Cheney was NEVER a joke, nor did he treat his job like one. Cheney, led by his “boss” […]

It almost makes TOO much sense, it’s strange someone hasn’t thought of it before. On August 23, Game Show Network rolls out “The American Bible Challenge,” a gameshow testing biblical knowledge, hosted by the tasteful but funny comedian Jeff Foxworthy. […]