Changing Channels

OK, so Tiger Woods crumbled with a final-round 75 Sunday at the British  Open.

One of golf’s all-time greats still had a strong four-day run to finish tied for third and his game is still solid overall.

Tiger Woods

Although Tiger had a poor day, he is the victim of high expectations as much as anything.

He may NEVER be a great golfer again, but others would love to have the game this guy still has.

Although this post doesn’t sound like it, I have NEVER personally been a big fan of Tiger.

I don’t like that he doesn’t seem to fully appreciate his gift, or really seem to be as happy as he should be or enjoy golfing as much as he should.

His personal dalliances only furthered what I felt for Tiger and perhaps deepened my feelings, in fact.

But Tiger isn’t the only person to sin or mess up his life … far from it.

And as far as golfing goes, Tiger, at 36-years-old probably has more major championships to win.

I am getting used to that notion, and even learning to appreciate it to some extent.

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