Changing Channels

I’ll admit it, I’ve changed my tune on Dick Clark’s  Rockin’ New Year’s Eve party.

Well, at least the program’s namesake, as co-host Ryan Seacrest and music acts like Lady GaGa are not my thing.

I have been a little harsh on watching Dick Clark slur his way through some segments during the ABC broadcast in recent years.

Dick Clark

It has gotten painful to watch, or listen to, the American Bandstand legend but so what?

I should find it inspiring that Clark has fought his way back from a stroke and looks better than ever. Perhaps a compromise should be a non-speaking role for Dick, just show him waving to the crowd and doing the countdown with a group of revelers.

Watching him kiss his wife at the stroke of midnight is a nice touch, too … a bit of Americana we shouldn’t easily let slip away.

Dick Clark isn’t, after all. I hope to see him again at the end of 2012 … and beyond.

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