Changing Channels

You have to give CBS credit for trying … over and over … to rework their morning news show.

Their latest incarnation, or reincarnation, called the CBS Morning Show obviously took a lot of work to create and millions of dollars in making the studio and to secure the talent, like co-hosts Charlie Rose and Gayle King.

Gayle King

Rose and King have their obvious talents: he’s a terrific interviewer and she is a good TV personality, though she’s no Oprah, right? (though who the heck is?).

Seriously, it’s still an odd pairing of someone (Rose) who you have to wonder how long will want to get up at 4 a.m. and someone (King) not known for having news “chops”.

Ultimately, the “problem” isn’t so much with them, they are OK together and the show is fine.

The problem or challenge is there are so many other more well-established shows, like Today and GMA that squash the CBS This Morning from the top and cable offerings from FOX, CNN and MSNBC  that sandwich it from the bottom.

Sorry Charlie, and Gayle, but your show is just more of the same ol, same ol.

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