Changing Channels

I just got done complimenting ABC a few posts ago for Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing series.

It was smart bringing back a known commodity like the likable Allen, former star of the long-running clean and positive hit Home Improvement.

Ben Koldyke-Work It

Well, ABC giveth and taketh away apparently with the show that follows Allen’s program:  Work It.

Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to give another series to cross-dressing men?

It should have been played out with the Tom Hanks show Bosom Buddies DECADES ago, after all.

At least this version won’t be around long, thanks to viewers and critics, the latter of which are REALLY enjoying teeing off on the show.

“Memo to GLAAD: Don’t fret too much. It won’t be around long enough to do much damage to anyone, except the actors playing a couple of out-of-work guys,” read a review in SF Gate.

Tim Goodman wrote for the Hollywood Reporter, “When the bile bubbles up contemplating what heinous element of a series to slaughter first, you’ve got a problem. Or, rather, ABC has a problem.”

OK…I don’t even NEED to add more here except to say don’t bother re-working Work It ABC, put it on the unemployment line instead.


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