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Nice guys don’t HAVE to finish last.

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is certainly proof of that.

Tim Tebow

Somehow, some way he is 7-1 as the Broncos starter. This success comes despite the fact Tebow is not yet a great quarterback.

Heck, he might not even be very good … at least statistically.

But what Tebow is … is a winner, simply put.

And the thing is, despite all the awe-inspiring comebacks he has led the Broncos on Tebow would still be a winner even if he wasn’t leading the Broncos to wins.

That’s because Tebow behaves with grace, class and dignity beyond his years.

He is a good man, for sure. But more importantly, and he knows this, is he’s trying to be a good CHRISTIAN man.

For that, he’ll always be a winner to me … on and off the football field.

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