Changing Channels

You may have noticed the headline to this feature is very similar to the other day when I asked “When Will Lindsay Lohan Learn?”

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s dad, “deserves” his own stories after getting arrested again Thursday after allegedly contacting his girlfriend Kate Major not long after allegedly bruising her up.

Michael Lohan

The reason I write about him is that Michael Lohan has SOME NERVE appearing on TV talk shows discussing what Lindsay needs to do in order to get well.

Pardon me for shouting but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

This man, such a horrible role-model who obviously can’t get his own life together has the NERVE to talk about Lindsay’s shortcomings!

Shame on him for claiming to be a voice of reason in her life when he’s made a complete mess of his own.

Shame on the networks that interview this guy … he should be banned from TV for LIFE!

I am not particularly thrilled about writing about Michael Lohan … but I REALLY needed to vent.


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