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October 2011 Archives

I know Bobby Valentine’s voice drives some people crazy, and others didn’t like him when he was manager of the New York Mets. But I think the ESPN analyst is pretty good … and he did a fine job leading […]

I’ll admit it … I was rooting for the Texas Rangers to win their first World Series title. The great stories of superstar Josh Hamilton and manager Ron Washington and a team that had still not won a title after […]

I told the bosses at BN when I was approved for this gig … writing TV features, that is … that I would find inspiring things to write about. Well, today won’t be one of those days. That’s because tonight […]

You may have noticed the headline to this feature is very similar to the other day when I asked “When Will Lindsay Lohan Learn?” Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s dad, “deserves” his own stories after getting arrested again Thursday after allegedly contacting […]

I am a big fan of TV news magazine shows like Dateline, 20-20 and I still watch parts of 60 Minutes after all these years. I am glad NBC is giving a go to another program of that ilk in […]

It’s hard to believe it’s been a while since the drama Lost went off the air. I am noticing some of the actors popping up in new, or “newish”, shows though. The new edition of Hawaii Five O boasts a […]

My oldest brother is not going to be happy with me for this, as he doesn’t suffer fools or celebrity chefs lightly, but I enjoy watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. Augie, Sacramento’s first-ever four-star chef a few years […]

It’s funny, or not, that the team that took a season of Hard Knocks on HBO can’t even seem to take soft hits anymore. At least it would have been nice if the team had won its long-suffering fan base […]

It finally may be time for Bryant Gumbel to go. The long-time broadcaster, at one time with NBC’s Today Show and most recently of HBO’s Real Sports, has made hateful and disturbing comments before but he may have hit a […]

She was a super-cute kid actress who turned into a beautiful woman … unfortunately not on the inside. Lindsay Lohan was taken from an L.A. courtroom in handcuffs Wednesday and had bail set at $100,000 after  her probation was revoked […]