Changing Channels
September 2011 Archives

Perhaps she was still too upset and emotional about the end of her recently-cancelled reality series Kate Plus 8, but Kate Gosselin’s Monday morning interview on Today was quite revealing. Unfortunately for her, not in a good way as when […]

Director Spike Lee and State Farm deserve tons of credit for teaming up on this tremendous goodwill ad for 9/11. Firefighters (and police for that matter) deserve our love, admiration and respect and this spot hits all the right notes […]

It was and is nice to see all the TV programming remembering 9-11-01 and the tragic events of that day. It proves many of us have NOT forgotten that day and how awesome it is to be an American. Here […]

With the NFL season getting underway it may be interesting to think about what happened to the once-great program Inside The NFL. Oh, the weekly highlights and analysis show is still on, airing on Showtime after moving from its home […]

It’s never too late for a jobs bill, even three years into Barack Obama’s presidency. Obama himself tried to make that point, over and over, 17 times in fact, during his speech before Congress and the American people Thursday night. […]

What would we do without Universal HD channel? That is the question I pondered Thursday afternoon when I checked out its schedule for the evening. First there was Finding John Christmas and A Town Without Christmas, followed by episodes of […]

Talk about having her cake and eating it too. Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus seems ashamed of the squeaky-clean image she spawned and cashed in on as star of that show. It’s a shame, and it’s a part of the […]

Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. That’s the best way to describe the dance troupe Silhouettes, which appears to be a top-10, at least, finisher on this season’s edition of America’s Got Talent. As impressive as their routine was […]

It’s a lot to put on a young man, but Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is THE  future of Major League Baseball. The 23-year-old also owns part of its present, as well, judging by Tuesday night’s outing, shown at least […]

Let’s see … we have reality shows on obvious subjects like dating and competitions for money. Then there are the less obvious topics like storage, couponing, cupcakes and the like. Are there any remaining topics? A few, perhaps … like […]