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The more I have heard from Charlie Sheen over the last year, the more I like his brother Emilio Estevez.

It’s not nice and certainly not Christian to make fun of Charlie Sheen’s well-documented troubles so I won’t.

Emilio Estevez, Martin Sheen

Instead, it’s better to focus on positive stories like Estevez.

I can do just that thanks to my colleague Corine Gatti’s feature cover piece on Beliefnet titled Emilio Estevez Talks Martin, Organic Gardening, Community and The Way.


I really appreciate that Estevez is not an in-your-face personality like Charlie Sheen, or their father Martin, who has promoted liberal causes his whole life and in his role as the president on The West Wing.

(Speaking of keeping it positive, Martin Sheen is a legendary actor who plays a starring role in an upcoming movie directed by Estevez … see below).

“I know it sounds cliché but when we stop to smell the flowers, unless you do, you forget how good a rose actually smells. And it’s the little things that ultimately turn us on.” Estevez told Gatti in the piece.

Every day is a gift and a chance to do something positive and make a difference, and Estevez gets that.

Be sure to check out Corine’s story on our main page for more on Estevez and his new movie, The Way, about a man who walks a spiritual trail to learn more about his deceased son.


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