Changing Channels

I am guilty, I admit it.

I often watch Today on NBC in the mornings and neglect to give Good Morning America a look.

I intentionally switched things up Friday morning and watched GMA.

There was a great deal of smiling going on, particularly from co-host Robin Roberts, entertainment reporter Lara Spencer and weatherman Sam Champion.

Lara Spencer

All three are good at what they do, but it was a bit much, even if they were all happy to see Stevie Nicks play live.

I have to admit, too, I didn’t even know Spencer was back on the show after hosting evening  entertainment programs for so long.

Spencer could have been a co-host herself years ago, that’s how large I think her talent was, but decided to go the entertainment route instead.

In my opinion, she is now pigeonholed there, and it is a little disappointing to see. The music beat to her segment Friday was loud and obnoxious, so much that even Champion commented on it.

Along with the content are the faces of the show.  Roberts, while pleasant, still is known for her sports background and work at ESPN.

Co-host George Stephanopolous, meanwhile, is still remembered as one of the key players from the Clinton administration.

He is OK in his role, but stiff and ordinary overall.

In order for GMA to ever REALLY challenge Today again it needs to get hosts with the gravitas of Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer.

No offense to them, but a younger version.

Do any such hosts exist? Or am I incorrect, is GMA just fine the way it is?


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