Changing Channels
July 2011 Archives

Several comedies just aren’t laugh worthy anymore. I’m not sure if the characters have just grown “old” or if the writers have run out of ideas but some programs seem finished. 30 Rock: How many seasons of Alec Baldwin can […]

Nuthin’ fancy. That may be the best way to describe the A&E reality program Storage Wars. The show follows two single men, a husband and wife team and a father and son pairing as they battle through auctions for unpaid […]

Television producer Al Taylor claims he offered Casey Anthony $1 million for an exclusive TV interview to tell her side of the story in the death of her daughter. The whole world knows by now Casey Anthony was found not […]

The Bachelorette is full of heartache and heartbreak. And those are just my feelings on the ABC series. Seriously, from the little I watched it appeared Ames, booted by Ashley in Monday night’s showdown of four remaining bachelors, was a […]

There’s one cab you DEFINITELY want to catch if you hail one down in New York City. Cash Cab, which airs 5p ET on The Discovery Channel, is like Jeopardy minus Alex Trebek and the awkward banter between him and […]

Tired of mind-mushing reality shows, or over-acted dramas? Sometimes it’s nice to turn on a television channel where you can actually learn something and not feel a little grimy for watching. The Smithsonian Channel offers escapism programming in a good […]

I have changed my mind about Dr. Drew over the years. As portrayed on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew shows he really does care about the people he’s trying to help. Dr. Drew indicated he is troubled that Brooke Mueller, […]

Too bad someone had to lose … That’s what they always say after a great sports event. But I submit to you, NEITHER side lost when Japan defeated the U.S. women’s soccer team in Sunday’s World Cup final on ESPN. […]

Sometimes parents can learn a thing or two from their children. Such is the case with documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi. Her mother, in case you don’t know from the last name is Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the U.S. House […]

As I wrote in a previous blog I am not a fan of the TV show Glee. I credited it for amazing marketing and some talented singing and dancing, however. I am stunned by star Jane Lynch’s comments about three […]