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Credit American Airlines for the company’s terrific TV commercials paying homage to our troops.

In one spot an African American female soldier humbly takes a salute from a fellow passenger while boarding a plane.

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In another ad a white male serviceman accepts the gratitude of none other than the pilot.

I’ll admit I choke back tears when I think about the greatness of our military, and the individual service people that it consists of.

God bless the sports stars and Hollywood actors that know who the true heroes in this society are.

No offense, and pardon the poor grammar but it ain’t me and it ain’t them.

American Airlines, to its credit, isn’t cashing in on July 4 with these spots either.

The ads have run for a long time and are highly appropriate ANY time of year, and anyone can be a part of the company’s movement (

So thanks American Airlines for appreciating our troops.

Happy fourth of July everyone!

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