Changing Channels

How can one group appear on two morning shows at once?

Perhaps they are called “Journey” for a reason, as the rock group performed its classic Don’t Stop Believin’ on NBC’s Today Show Friday morning, then the song was performed live again on ABC just a few minutes later.

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Pardon the pun, but there was no Escape from Journey, part of the reason the group has sold a remarkable 80 million records worldwide.

Alas, no group can physically be in two places at once, however, as Don’t Stop Believin’ was covered by Debbie Gibson and the much better sounding Tiffany on Good Morning America.

Journey, which went its Separate Ways with former lead singer Steve Perry years ago hasn’t lost a beat, and legendary guitarist Neil Schon was gracious when Matt Lauer confused him with another band member.

Journey took all the publicity Friday morning with Open Arms, for sure.

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