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Word that CBS and/or Two and a Half Men writer Chuck Lorre plan to “kill off” Charlie Sheen’s character on the show has me thinking of other characters/personalities TV would be better off without.

Charlie Sheen

On its own network, CBS should pay off David Letterman and send him packing. Leno on NBC, Mr. Nice Guy who really isn’t (ask Conan O’Brien), is another option to hit the skids.

Finished? How about shrill and nasty Joy Behar of CNN and The View or the crusty commentaries of Jack Cafferty on the former.

Done: Please kill off all the cartoons masquerading as good clean fun like American Dad, Family Guy and The Simpsons.

You’ll find more blasphemy in five minutes of The Simpsons than in a season of Seinfeld, for all its shortcomings.

Shame on FOX for airing some of that garbage and nonsense, while promoting different values in its news division.

Finally, networks did a good thing in ending most soap operas. Smoldering affairs are bad enough, but murder and stuff like demonic possessions are really appalling.

Soap, is what I need to wash myself off from even flipping past one of those shows …

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