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John Henson

I have to admit it, when I first saw ads for the ABC show “Wipeout” I thought it would be pretty dopey.

I’m not really a big fan of watching people make idiots of themselves on television a la “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.

That show, and its host Tom Bergeron especially, seem SO forced … with people so desperate for fame or fortune they’ll hurt themselves or their pets in all kinds of ways.

“Wipeout” contestants aren’t preening to the camera or trying to yuk it up for laughs.

They’re too busy trying to make it through a water-soaked obstacle course without getting knocked down or out.

It probably hurts them a little bit, but contestants aren’t really in danger … only of being embarrassed a little.

Hosts John Anderson and and John Henson make the show a pretty funny watch too with their corny comments.

Jill Wagner, who initially gained fame starring in car ads, provides on-course interviews while trying to stay above the fray.

The show provides pretty much guilt-free pleasure, and not too many programs today can say that.

When it comes to Thursday nights on ABC, I’m never too wiped out to watch “Wipeout”
I know … that was TOO easy.

Haaaaaaaaaaaa “Wipeout”!

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