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Kirstie Alley will have a heckuva time winning “Dancing With the Stars” this season. The other dancers are younger, more talented and yes, thinner than the former “Cheers” star. There’s still something pretty cool about Alley hanging in there show […]

It has taken me a long time this season, but I finally have ‘it’. The ‘it’ is Scotty McCreery fever, as in the top 3 finalist, or perhaps more, on this season’s American Idol. I completely ignored the show most […]

One of the better shows on TV is ABC’s “Primetime: What Would You Do?” The John Quinones-hosted program, which airs Friday nights, often puts people in uncomfortable positions to see how they would react … do they do what’s right, […]

Mike Francesa may not be the most jocular guy around, but credit the man for being a strong interviewer. Listening to the long-time sports talk show host, heard on WFAN and simulcast on television’s YES Network, the other day I […]

I have to admit it, when I first saw ads for the ABC show “Wipeout” I thought it would be pretty dopey. I’m not really a big fan of watching people make idiots of themselves on television a la “America’s […]

When you are a leader, it’s good to send people off your trail by having a bit of a loon serve as second in command. Some people feel President Barack Obama did just that when he selected Joe Biden as […]

Welcome to my blog on I am pleased and proud to be able to share my wide-ranging thoughts on the most important media in the world: television. I’ll start by sharing how one television show was a part of […]