Changing Channels

Sandy Duncan

You know a commercial is good when you could have changed the channel … but didn’t.

That’s usually the case with McDonalds ads, including its most recent one of a lemon with a human face whining about he’s usually referred to as a bad thing like a dud or a reject.

The lemon was able to squeeze new life out of himself, however, when combined with strawberry flavor for a new McD’s drink.

Clever stuff.

As is the Wheat Thins sticks commercial where a guy is stuck under a rock and can’t move.

A helicopter does come to rescue him but only removes the snack and leaves the man stuck under the rock.

A little edgier than the days of Sandy Duncan as spokesperson, eh?

This country loves its snacks, as do I. I also enjoy funny ads like the one for the new fudge covered oreos.

A family enjoys the new product so much it comes up with wild expressions to put an exclamation point on it.

“Frankin Delano!” yells out the one man, presumably a grandfather figure, while the mom surprises with a “Shut the front door!”

She’s right … we wouldn’t any of the oreos to escape, after all.

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