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Gregory Smith

One of my favorite things to do when thinking about a TV show is recalling where the actors came from previously.

The all-too short-lived 90’s NBC series Freaks and Geeks, for instance “spawned” future movie star actors in James Franco, Linda Cardellini and many others.

That show will get its own blog the next time I broach this subject.

For now, though, I thought it would be interesting to recall Everwood, the little drama that could from the early to mid 2000’s.

What separated Everwood from others shows of its ilk was that it didn’t just focus on typical men-women relationship but also parents-kids, grandparents-kids and even man-nature.

What made me think of a “Where Are They Now?” blog was a recent CBS Hallmark movie Beyond The Blackboard that starred Emily VanCamp in which Treat Williams also had a role.

VanCamp, you might recall, played the love-interest of Ephram (Gregory Smith) in Everwood.

Ephram’s quite liberal, though big-hearted dad was played by Treat Williams, a star before and after the show.

Smith is becoming one, entering his second season of ABC’s Rookie Blue, a series about young police officers in the NYPD.

He and VanCamp are on the same network, though different shows as VanCamp moves from a role on Brothers & Sisters to a new program Revenge.

Although Scott Wolf and Marcia Cross did turns on the show, they were already stars.

Everwood did propel Chris Pratt into stardom with his role as Bright Abbott, VanCamp’s brother and Ephram’s eventual friend.

Pratt is terrific now as a completely different character in the NBC comedy Parks & Recreation.

“Bright” he isn’t … but funny he certainly is with a good sense of comedic timing.

It’s nice to see all all of them still making an impact on TV.

Foreverwood … indeed.

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