Casting Stones

I expect the next president to be a Democrat. As a conservative, I expect to be unhappy with that result. But I also expect to be unhappy if the next president is a Republican. That’s how disconsolate I am about […]

David, as thrilled as I was to see Bobby Jindal win as governor in my home state last weekend, I strongly caution against reading the victory as any kind of bellwether for how the 2008 vote may go for the […]

(Sorry about that. What was I thinking? Back to rehab for me.) Dan, speaking as a Christian rightist, I find the travails of the Christian Right made manifest by this political year to be perhaps the biggest political story going. […]

Readers of my Crunchy Con blog know that I have little use for the GOP field this year, but I gotta say the more I see Mike Huckabee, the more I like and admire him. An Obama-Huckabee race in 2008 […]