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Domestic Violence & Lambeth

posted by lwinner

Catherine Roskam, Suffragan Bishop from New York, spoke at Lambeth about domestic violence: she rightly noted that domestic violence appears in all religious communities…she then went on to say that likely there were domestic abusers among the hundreds of male […]


Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Lambeth

posted by lwinner

According to this report, Sir Jonathan Sacks, British chief rabbi, spoke at Lambeth earlier this week about the need to find unity within difference: The Anglican Communion has held together quite different strands of Christian theology and practice better than […]


Making Idols Out Of God’s Good Gifts

posted by wsmith

Christian Leaders Must Be Careful Not To Elevate Constitutional Principles Above Biblical Principles In Exodus 3 we see one of the most beautiful, delicious ironies in all of recorded human history. It is the story of the captives plundering the […]


New Pastoral Forum in Anglican Communion

posted by lwinner

The Windsor Continuation Group has released a document calling for, according to Ruth Gledhill, a “new Pastoral Forum is to be set up to bring rebel provinces into line in the Anglican Communion.” The full report will be popping up […]

Randy Pausch: A Life Well Lived

posted by Dr. Richard Land

Over the last few months Randy Pausch captured the attention of much of the world as he had captivated his students for years. Pausch, an extremely popular Carnegie Mellon University professor of computer science, was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. […]

America’s Defining Holiday– Independence Day or Thanksgiving?

posted by Dr. Richard Land

The late Tony Snow, one of public policy’s “happy warriors” (he always reminded me of the late Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the original liberal “happy warrior”), was a grateful man. “Grateful” might seem to be an odd description for someone […]

Catholic comments on Lambeth

posted by lwinner

One of the questions that casts a long shadow over Anglican and Episcopalian decision-making about issues such as the ordination of women and the blessing of same-sex unions is how movement on these issues will affect Anglican churches’ relationship with […]

Lambeth heats up…

posted by lwinner

Things are heating up at Lambeth: A Sudanese bishop is calling for Bishop Robinson’s resignation: “God is not making a mistake creating Adam and Eve,” he said. “He would have created two Adams if he wanted.” And the bishop of […]

why, exactly, does anyone care about lambeth?

posted by lwinner

I got an email today: “Why exactly does anyone beyond America’s handful of Episcopalians care about the Lambeth conference?” It’s a good question. As a colleague of mine pointed out to me last year, in 2006, the American Baptist Churches […]

clergy spouses (spice?)

posted by lwinner

The bishops’ spouses meeting (and, no, Mark Andrew is not there) has gotten some news attention – perhaps because Lambeth itself seems low-key so far. I have often thought that there is little I would rather do less than be […]

the bishops are…lunching

posted by lwinner

If you look at the schedule for the Lambeth conference today, the events look pretty tame: Rowan Williams is scheduled to give an address, but other than that there appears to be a lot of worship and a lot of […]

finally, lambeth 2008 begins

posted by lwinner

I well remember Lambeth 1998, which took place a month or so after I was baptized in a college chapel in Cambridge, England. I had never heard of Lambeth–the palace, or the eponymous once-a-decade gathering of Anglican bishops. In 1998, […]

Jesse Jackson’s ‘remarks': from a reverend?

posted by Dr. Richard Land

By now, virtually every American not on an expedition to Antarctica has heard about Rev. Jesse Jackson’s crude and offensive remarks picked up by a live mic in a Fox News studio last Sunday. Rev. Jackson expressed his extreme displeasure […]

President Clinton questions McCain’s emotional stability?

posted by Dr. Richard Land

During a conversation about philanthropy and global issues at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Former President Bill Clinton made some comments about the lingering psychological impact of having been a prisoner of war. The context was a discussion about former South […]

A Political Shift Among Evangelicals

posted by tcampolo

There is no question that the political agenda for younger Evangelicals is changing and the old guard is alarmed. The stalwarts of the Evangelical establishment, such as Chuck Colson, the founder of Prison Fellowship; and James Dobson, the president of […]

General Clark, Senator McCain, and a question of character

posted by Dr. Richard Land

Last Sunday (June 29) retired Army General Wesley Clark startled “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer by questioning Senator John McCain’s military experience as a qualification for the presidency. Schieffer was asking General Clark about his description of Senator McCain […]

The Second Amendment, guns, and the Supreme Court

posted by Dr. Richard Land

The verdict is now in from the U.S. Supreme Court–the Second Amendment means what it says. In a historic 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller that no government entity–local, state, or federal–can totally ban […]

Barry Lynn on Obama’s Faith-Based Initiatives

posted by dgilgoff

Americans United for Church and State just released this statement on Obama’s plans for a President’s Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships: OBAMA SUPPORT FOR EXPANSION OF ‘FAITH-BASED’ PROGRAM IS DISAPPOINTING, SAYS AMERICANS UNITED But Watchdog Group Says Candidate’s Opposition […]

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