Catch up with the celebs who bared all six months after the bold experiment of televised rehab ended.

What would happen if you were color in a black and white world? Toby Maquire and Reese Witherspoon star in this Oscar-nominated talkie.

This two-CD set contains 25 favorite tracks from the Dove Award-winning artist.

Friendo, you may want to check out this 2007 Best Motion Picture of the Year “ode to the baser elements of the human soul.”

Denver was raised in “plantation-style slavery” in the 1960s, but found salvation in a cancer patient and her Armani clad, art dealing husband.

Zen master Loori presents simple home rituals to help recognize the sacredness of everyday life.

Author Karabell uncovers the “history of peaceful coexistence among Muslims, Christians, and Jews over the course of fourteen centuries until the present-day.”

Grammy-winning artists accompany a series of inspirational affirmations from Chopra and Ruiz.