4 Year Old With Down Syndrome Stars In British TV Ad


So you may not have heard, but 4-year old Seb White is a pretty big deal now.  Why?  Because this little boy just recently became one of the few models with Down Syndrome to be used in any advertisements.  Also because he is simply ADORABLE.

He is featured in the new Marks and Spencer Christmas TV commercial.  Look out for him at 0:42:

YouTube Preview Image


His mother first put him in the spotlight when she posted a picture of her son on Marks and Spencer’s Facebook page, urging the company to consider Seb as a model for their commercials.  She had noticed the lack of people with disabilities in media ads and thought her son could help.

She told The Daily Mail, “If Seb appearing in a TV campaign raises awareness of Down’s, ­challenges stereotypes and helps other parents feel better about ­having a child with it, I will be very happy.”

Because of their Facebook fans massive response of support Mark and Spencer took his mother’s request seriously.  However, what eventually landed Seb the role was the “natural charm and magical personality” that he showed in person.  We can see why:

He is just too cute! (Seb is the little ball of energy on the left.)

We are so happy for little Seb that he gets the chance to show off just how super awesome he is!  You go Seb!

Story via The Huffington Post.