Dear Ken:
Thanks for a most civil and constructive response. Your post is in marked contrast to the atheist PZ Myers’ venomous response on his blog to my suggestion on Salon that evolution and belief in God were compatible. I would say that the atheists are much more uncomfortable with this discussion than the religious believers!
While we certainly grew up on opposite sides of the planet, our childhood faith experiences were very similar. Perhaps that is a basis for a mutual understanding over the course of this debate. While I disagree with you in places, I certainly understand exactly where you are coming from.
In my own Christian journey, I have become convinced that we must take God’s revelation in nature seriously. In fact, I think that we cannot understand the Bible unless we do. Let me provide some historical examples that illustrate what I mean:

Dear Karl,
I too am glad that we can have an opportunity to dialogue about this issue at a personal level. I do agree that this topic is an urgent and essential one–but the fundamental reason why I say this is because I believe it is a vital foundational issue that relates to biblical authority itself, as I hope to explain as we continue in this exchange.

Dear Ken,
I’m glad you’ve agreed to this exchange. This topic is perennial, but I imagine you share my view that it’s also urgent and essential. With that in mind, I’ll dive right in–first, to make some general observations on the nature of the creationism vs. evolution debate, and second to offer specific scientific reasons why I embrace evolution.

Karl Gibberson Karl Giberson is the director of the Forum on Faith and Science at Gordon College and the former editor of the magazine Science and Spirit. His most recent book is Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution (take a peek inside the book here). He has
published over a hundred articles, reviews, and essays, both technical and
popular, and written three additional books: Worlds Apart:
The Unholy War Between Science and Religion
(1993), Species of
Origins: America’s Search for a Creation Story
(2002, with ENC
historian Don Yerxa), and Oracles of
Science: Celebrity Scientists Versus God and Religion
(2007, with
Spanish physicist/philosopher and priest, Mariano Artigas). Worlds Apart is the only book on the controversial topic of evolution published by the denominational press of the conservative Church of the Nazarene.