Nicole Symmonds is Beliefnet’s Prayer editor and also covers Christianity. A New Yorker by birth but a Floridian by tenure, Nicole graduated from Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. She moved to NY to pursue a career in journalism which started at In Style magazine. There she learned the ropes of magazine reporting, researching, and writing—and became exponentially more stylish. But what seemed like a deep interest in fashion and entertainment would soon be revealed as merely the vehicle that moved her closer to discovering her purpose, writing and covering matters of the Christian faith. While in her purpose-driven vehicle she can be found traveling between Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens for life, work and worship, respectively. From fashion to faith and the journey isn’t over yet…

I can’t help but admire David’s determination to make “evangelical” something other than a political term. David wants to be part of a real movement, one for which politics is no more than one front among many. The good news […]

Part of me feels like I should just step aside and let Jeff and Michael duke this one out, because I’m really interested in this question of the cosmopolitans and the populists, and who counts as which, and who is […]

First, greetings to everyone. I’m excited to be part of this. Let me start with something upon which everyone might agree. No matter how some of us wish that evangelicals are currently defined and no matter how much we might […]

Hey, everybody! It’s great to have the chance to interact with a group that has thought so much about the ascent of American evangelicals. After interviewing several hundred elite evangelicals, I’ve concluded that the evangelical movement is a lot more […]

Greetings, all. I’m honored to be invited to interact with thinkers far above my academic pay grade (read GPA). Before I speak to Hanna’s cogent comments re Hollywood, let me say that I have long been uneasy about Evangelicals in […]

Since I’m going to disagree with Hanna, I’ll start with some good feelings about her new book, God’s Harvard, the first real work of narrative nonfiction about Christian fundamentalism and political power. Hanna has gone further than any other writer […]

Hi everyone. I’ve spoken to most of you but I’m thrilled to have a chance for this slightly more organized discussion. Something is changing out there in evangelical land – politically, sociologically, culturally. Jerry Falwell’s death sort of made it […]

Hi Hanna, Jeff, Jerry, Michael, and David, Welcome one and all. Each of you has already made significant contributions to the matter at hand—either by fostering it, covering it, or studying it—and I’m glad for the chance to bring your […]

David Kuo blogs for Beliefnet at “J-Walking.” A former special assistant to President George W. Bush, Kuo chronicled his time at the White House in his book “Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction.” ] Kuo is also the […]

D. Michael Lindsay is a sociologist at Rice University who specializes in issues surrounding leadership, religion, and culture. The author of several books, scholarly articles, and research reports, Lindsay most recently completed “Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals […]