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Spiritual Teachings of The Incas-An Interview with Willaru

Willaru Huayta is a well respected spiritual guide who makes his way through the world, honoring the deep and abiding connection with Spirit, the Earth, and its inhabitants. According to his website  “He was born into the Quetchua tribe in a village high in the Andes mountains. Though raised as a child in a life customary to the Andean highlands, Willaru began his own personal spiritual quest as a young adult. It was only after Willaru went deep into the Amazon jungle, that he was able to find and explore the true knowledge held deep within his heart.”
A humble man, he claims to be “a student of life, rather than a teacher.”  Sharing what he has learned, he expresses:
“Each person is a Sacred Temple.  The altar of  that temple is  the heart.  The fire of  love, a reflection of the greater light,  burns upon this altar. This light  within must be acknowledged and cared for. This is the religion of the Sons of the Sun. It is the universal, cosmic, solar religion.”
His call to those who are willing to hear comes from  book entitled The Awakening…”The door of the sun is opened for all. It shines upon all. All blood is the same color, the color of living fire. We are as flowers of different colors, different aromas. We are brothers and sisters of seven rays.” Within these teachings the gaps between religions, cultures and races dissolve. We become one healing family. “After 2000 years, the sun is rising. Its rays bring health, purity and wisdom for the healing of all humanity. We live in a time of the fulfillment of prophecy.”
Had you come from a lineage in which these teachings came naturally?
That lineage is Inca ray the ray of initiation, many people bring from their past lives some love and wisdom and in their childhood it manifests naturally.
From my childhood I had many dreams that I was living in the Inca Times within a monastery. I was missing to get spiritual education in the modern school. I did not like kind of education in my school, It was too superficial. Later on when I was 28 years old, I have started to awaken spiritualy when I was traveling in Europe.
Has exploration of the cosmos always fascinated you?
Disciples of the Mystery School  don’t get illusion or fascination. To explore in the infinite of the Cosmos it is necessary to wake up our consciousness and eliminate our ego of greed, pride, envy and other personal defects.The spiritual growth and liberation of the consciousness is necessary to navigate in the Cosmos.The exploration in the Cosmos is one of the greatest privileges, Joy and Love.
Was there a pivotal moment when you knew that you needed to communicate what you had learned?

The pivotal moment  began for me in the Amazon jungle; when a lemurian Master  manifested to me  and ordered  me to go to Cusco as a messenger and start comunicating with people of modern society. To be a Master is necessary to teach, learning from the great Masters Gods and teaching, giving wisdom of the father with Love of the mother; who gives receives more.
 How do you translate these teachings in a manner that makes them accessible to people rather than esoteric?
Most people who are walking the spiritual path; are beginning to understand Esoteric language, a lightworker should explain diplomatically the sacred knowledge with details and examples so people will understand .
What is your vision for what can be accomplished by learning what you are sharing?
Humanity wants to change but don’t  know what to change and how to change. Millions of people are looking for transcendental knowledge, transcendental psychology (psicologia transcendental) the short cut to solve their problem, precise knowledge to help them selves and help to others to be a  part of the solution.
 How can we overcome our belief is separation to become, as you say “one healing family”?
By finding the union with your Divine Mother-Father God within yourself, at the temple of the Sacred Heart. Only then you will understand that we are all the same, one family,  only different  expression of the Divine.
Please speak about The Inca Prophecy.
The Inca prophecy says, when the Eagle of the north meets the condor of the south, masters of north and south will share the sacred knowledge to heal their karma and growth spirituality to heal our country, continent and the World. And spirit of Mother Earth will awaken to help us. That’s happening in the Aquarian age since February 04 of 1962.
 Share about the Pachamama concept.
Pachamama is our Cosmic Mother and she lives in the Paradise of the fourth dimension, waiting that we come back to the  temple of the heart and bless us. The contact to Pachamama is through our internal Divine mother of our heart.
You write about the Mother/Father God paradigm; can you elaborate?
Like all humanity, one has one biological father mother with physical body, in the same way every single human being were born with their internal Divine Father and  Mother, very little spiritual light being like a spark light of Divine Love.
Opportunities to delve into these mysteries in the Philadelphia, PA area are available at the end of September.
Awaken to the Ways of Nature and Paths of Transformation
Join Willaru Huayta for a Sharing from the Heart that is guaranteed to evolve and transform your Spiritual practice and your relationships to Self, Significant Others, Community, Spirit and the Divine Evolution toward Light and Love.Dates and Locations:
Friday, Sept. 26th, 10 am – 1 pm: Main Line School Night, Radnor PA
Saturday, Sept. 27th, 3 – 6 pm: Sama Center, West Chester, PA
Sunday, Sept. 28th, 2 – 5 pm: Circle of Miracles, New Britain, PA
Learn more about Willaru at
Willaru speaks on many subjects, including Becoming The Cosmic Christ

S for Surrender

Yesterday was brought to me by the letter ‘S’ for surrender. At cardiac rehab in the morning, I blasted out a whole bunch of energy on the elliptical and treadmill, so that by the time I got to the recumbent bicycle, I was majorly winded and needed to slow down my pace and couldn’t finish the 17 minutes I had worked my way up to in the past few days. Initially I felt disappointed, but the kind and supportive therapists reminded me that it is a process. I know, a marathon, not a sprint, as is all of life.
Learning to be kinder to myself and listen to my internal messages. As it turns out, I was reading a back copy of Yoga Journal and what was the topic of the article that I turned to? Control and lack thereof.  As much as I don’t like to admit it, I can be a bit of a control freak and want things my way. Do you know anyone who doesn’t also possess those qualities?

Then I had an appointment with my dear friend and chiro, Sandy Epstein Levenson to work on some tingling in my left hand and leg. Turns out that I have been sitting weirdly and throwing my posture off,  when I am at the computer throughout the day, which is putting pressure on nerves. She suggested alternating standing and sitting as I type and investing in a treadmill desk. Looking into that. Also noticing swelling in lymph nodes near my left clavicle…gotta get that checked out too.
Had some much needed time with my 4 year old little Buddha-grandson Collin and we read and played Three Little Pigs (under blanket:), sometimes he was the Big Bad Wolf and sometimes I was and sometimes my Adam played that role as we alternately huffed and puffed away. The hour that I spent with him was pure fun and good medicine.Last night, I  had a wedding to officiate and left in plenty of time (2 hours prior to the time I needed to be there) and the Universe saw fit to put soooo many cars ahead of me on the Schuykill Expressway heading into Philadelphia which typically is backed up anyway at that time. I found myself alternately carrying on and using words that are not in my spiritual vocabulary,  breathing and asking to clear the way and demanding to know the purpose and then asking for some angelic support. Who should call, but my  supremely spiritually connected  friend Cass Forkin who reminded me that all was well. When I asked God what this was about; the benevolent answer was to remind me that I’m not in control and need to ‘leave the driving to Him/Her’. Cass was right, of course. My intention ALWAYS is to be reliable and follow through on my agreements AND sometimes I need to invoke the Serenity prayer, remembering to discern the difference between what I can and can’t control.

I kept the bride’s family informed about my ETA which kept getting later as I hit every traffic light and then went through a street fair; finally arriving, shifting gears to calm clergical mode and the ceremony went off without a hitch. The couple was lovely and both of them cried. Everyone understood and smiled when I started the ceremony reminding them that the best laid plans…..and that love was worth waiting for.

This morning, I awoke from a dream in which a large coiled snake kept showing up and finally was stomped on by a man from Australia. I have had snake dreams before and when in dialog with the critter, it has always told me that it is about shedding yet more layers. Still fearful that it will chomp on me, so I have wanted it gone. I laughed when I communed with the Australian dude, since he reminded me that he was from ‘the land down under’- which is where dreams seem to come from. No, not Australia, but from the unconscious. I have had heart palpitations over what my future holds, since so many unexpected health challenges have arisen in the midst of marvels and wonders.
I guess I need to remember that surrender isn’t about giving up, but giving over.


I am coming to recognize another persona that I am calling ‘Perfectionista’.  She is polished and professional, sweet, kind and caring, loving and compassionate, creative and fun, positive and intuitive, reliable and  responsible, intelligent and articulate. So, you might ask, “What’s wrong with those qualities?” In the grand scheme of things, nothing at all, but when I hold myself to such a high standard all the time, I become too stringent and then I miss out on the full human experience, because sometimes she just isn’t those things.
I have such high expectations for myself and everyone in my life. I like to think I give each day the best I have in me and still ‘edits’ are requested. Need not to take it personally(: Other people’s vision for what they want may be different from mine. It happened twice yesterday. Even though I have a particular world view, not everyone will share it.
I laugh when I think I ‘should’ be farther along in my fitness goals since the heart attack, as I am working out more intensely than I did before hand. Up to 3 day a week cardiac rehab and 40-45 minute a day walks; major dietary changes, more sleep (even naps when I need them) I have transferred my workaholic tendencies from career to health…YIKES! I still feel like I am juggling the various aspects of my life, albeit with far fewer plates to spin. Wanting to do them all ‘just so’. In my writing, I sometimes find myself cringing when I miss typos once something is published. Thank goodness for the editing function here on WordPress. I need to grow my self compassion muscles and let myself off the hook from time to time and be able to differentiate between excellence and striving for perfection.
How did Perfectionista get born? Unlike many who have extremely high standards, I didn’t grow up in a home with criticism; in fact quite the opposite. My parents and extended family were loving, supportive and responsive to my precocious strivings to explore the world, and I still enjoyed being a kid. I was never told that I wouldn’t achieve my dreams. I was praised and encouraged to do new things. My parents let me fall and skin my knees and they patched up the boo boos, sending me back out into the world.
As I was driving today, it occurred to me that I learned to be reliable by having parents who were reliable. I can’t think of a time when I felt let down by them. If they said they were going to do something, they did it. They taught me about follow through. They showed me they could be counted on and modeled for me what that meant. There was a time in my life; during my marriage when for whatever reason, I relinquished that role and it contributed to challenges. I own that part of the dysfunction that ensued, knowing that Michael also held his share of the craziness. I let things slide, taking a laissez faire attitude, sometimes feeling like I was sleepwalking through my life. Once he died in 1998, I picked up what I had set down and (my son will attest to this:) went to the opposite extreme of being ultra responsible, taking on far too much, which ultimately led to health challenges over the past year.
Feeling like I am getting to the other side of it, being mindful of when I am allowing Perfectionista to run the show. Instead, I invite her to dance and sing along to Karen Drucker’s ode to self love called I Don’t Have To Be Perfect.


Buffet Line

While speaking with someone today, I asked him what he wanted in life. He shrugged as he usually does and told me he didn’t know. I then inquired about his favorite restaurant and he replied that he and his family like to eat at a local Asian buffet where he can pick and choose from an assortment. I knew where I wanted to go with this line of conversation, being a writer who literally thinks in metaphor, and took it a step further. I wondered if he always chose the same items or if he ‘ordered off the menu,’ already knowing how he would respond. Being a play it safe kind of guy, he answered that he usually got the same things since they were familiar to him. Another step, a deeper inquiry.  What keeps him choosing the known instead of the unknown?  Fear mostly. What if he doesn’t like the choices he made?  What he had not learned in his 20-some years of life, is that he can always choose again. He need not stick with the same options. As with food, so with all other areas of his life. I encouraged him to experiment in both realms. It will be interesting to see what he does with that suggestion.

I invite you to do the same. When eating out, do you select the same menu items because you like them or because you are afraid to be disappointed if you choose something else? In your day to day, do you always take the same route to work, put your clothes on the same way, drink your morning beverage from the same cup, do your hygiene routine in the same order?  What would happen if you switched it up? While structure is important, sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is the very thing that could spark your creativity and re-energize you. I have found that to be true for myself. Whether it is sitting in a different chair when I am in a workshop, walking a different way on my daily constitutional, writing on varied topics, making diverse musical choices and trying new foods, my life is enriched.

As one of my favorite songs by Dawes declares “I’m having a little bit of everything.”





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