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In the wee hours of the morning, I read this facebook posting by sex educator and author, Pamela Madsen. It reached a place deep within the recesses of my mind and echoed with a great big YES!

  • This is why I write, wisdom from Anaïs Nin “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” When we write about our experiences – we get to truly savor and roll things around in our mouth for a while. Writing slows down pleasure, and brings it back to us well after the actual event. I deeply encourage all of your students of pleasure and life to begin to write. Start with a journal, or go right for the blog. Don’t waste the infinite possibilities of your experiences. Taste it twice. Just your morning wisdom from Pamela!”


Writing is my lifeblood, my heartbeat, the breath that expands my lungs. As grammatically incorrect as it may sound, I say that I can’t NOT write. It is what soothes my soul, eases my troubles and tickles me to no end. It is the first thing I want to do when I wake up ( unless I have company on the other side of the bed, of course) and it has been my soporific when I can’t stay in dreamland.

Since childhood, I had been fascinated with words and as a friend refers to it, I am a ‘verbivore’ whose sustenance comes from the written or spoken expression. I was weaned on stories: Dr. Seuss and Little Golden Books, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Highlights Magazine lined bookshelves in my suburban New Jersey home. My parents read to us and my mom took us to the library down the street for Story Hour. My library card was a key to the treasure room in which precious gems overflowed their containers. No way could I escape the delicious fate of becoming a writer. No way would I want to.

I have long considered writing a way of inviting people along for the ride when I have lived life full out. Even in the midst of activity, I have had the thought “I wonder how I can express this so that my readers will feel as if they were right there with me?” While that is an admirable thing to do, it is also short sighted. I much prefer Pamela’s take on it, since it serves both purposes as I allow myself to engage in pleasurable pursuit as well and can savor the experience. The same concept goes for any type of enjoyment. We experience it in anticipation, while it’s occurring and in memory, allowing it to sink in and rush through our bloodstream with a sense of ahhhh and awe simultaneously.

Writing is part of my spiritual practice as well, since it keeps me connected to the Divine. There have been times when I have felt like “Major Tom” in the David Bowie song “Here am I, floating in my tin can, far above the world.” and it has been writing that has kept me symbolically tethered to the “Mother Ship”. It has saved my sanity over and over.

The Muse is my sweetheart, keeping me company during those dark nights of the soul, holding space for my emotions and has been my play buddy when I am skipping through life.

I encourage people to express themselves through word-pictures, whether or not they feel they have writing talent. It is sourced through their own experiences, viewed through their own lenses and shared through their own heart-perceptions. A true and clear reflection of who they are. Is there anything more beautiful than that? 

One of my favorite books that taps into creative writing is called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It is a primer on entering into the realm of imagination and mining treasures for oneself and others to enjoy. Julia shares   “Creativity requires faith. Faith requires that we relinquish control.”  Yikes!  That has been one of my greatest lessons of late. Over and over lately, especially since being a newly published book author, I have ; very much like a new parent, been called upon to do what I can and then surrender outcome. You see, there is such an illusion of control in our day to day lives, that we really can shape our entire destiny. I have come to understand (and my understanding morphs, depending on circumstance) that all I can do is all I can do, and then it is out of my hands.

The artist and writer SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) scatters her words into the wind that waft gently or dance deliciously in various books that entice the reader to open the doors to his/her own creative soul. One specifically on writing is called Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper. Imagine your paper slurping up your words!  Julia Cameron  SARK

One of my favorite quirky songs about writing My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors by Moxy Fruvous



animated butterfly



Author and speaker Tama Kieves, Awakening Artist and author of  THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!) shared a powerful set of ideas in a facebook posting recently: “Today allow yourself to have your dreams.  Be “unrealistic” and believe that big joy is coming down the pike for you. Why not bet on your good instead of your failure? It’s always those who are “unrealistic” that change reality in the end.”

My comment in response was “I dream all the time and my dreams get bigger as I exercise my manna-festation muscles. I bet on my good, assume a win-win and the cooperation of the Universe and whatya know…all kinds of gifts come pouring in.”  There was a time, 15 or so years ago, when that would not have been my world view. I was fraught with (well hidden) anxiety about what other people thought of me, what I was doing and I how well I performed. That external validation held more weight than my own sense of satisifaction with my life.  It gets exhausting, keeping the Shirley Temple tap dancing routine going, but I had been doing it for so long, that I didn’t know how to stop.  These days, after multiple life losses, including the deaths of my husband and both parents, paradoxically, I feel a deeper and more profound sense of joy, because I have been broken open to more love and awareness of the raw and sometimes messy beauty of life , as Elizabeth Lesser, author of Broken Open, expresses.

“Make your life a spiritual adventure.
Instead of searching for answers that make you feel safe, light out on a spiritual journey where your ordinary life becomes an extraordinary adventure. On the spiritual adventure, all of your experiences—your successes and failures, your joys and sorrows—become your teachers who help you grow in fearlessness, wisdom, and gratitude.”

I was speaking with my friend Joan Schaublin recently about the losses and loves we have experienced and I observed that at times, I shy away from the messiness of  life, shutting down the feelings so as not to become entrenched in the yukkies. She reminded me that sometimes the most enjoyable aspects of life, including sex, art and nature, really ARE messy, but would we really want to forgo them?  Not me, not for a moment.

I have seen so many ‘unrealistic dreams’ come to fruition. Never would I have imagined, 15 years earlier, that I would be living the delicious life in which I am immersed at the moment,  the beyond amazing people with whom I have crossed paths and the impact I am permitted to have with the words that pour forth and the welcome I receive from those who read them. I have learned that my dreams and I are not separate, but are woven from the same fabric, with rainbow colored threads that sparkle when light shines on them.

What are your ‘unrealistic dreams’?  Are you willing to allow them to take flight? 


Your Wildest Dreams  Moody Blues




Awoke this morning and gazed out the window to an unexpected scene. Not in  my own bed (that was expected), as I am in Arizona for the first time;  at the home of my friend Dianne Evans who moved out here fromVirginia a few years ago.  What I am experiencing is something that I left behind in Philly last week…white flakes dancing downward, melting against the stucco and tile patio that face the Red Rocks. I drove the two hours or so from Phoenix where I had just attended the Celebrate Your Life Conference created by Mishka Productions. It was a personal growth party, a transformational tete’ a tete’, a sonic shindig, a solar soireee  and a feast for all the senses.

Liz Dawn Donahue is the seemingly tireless force of nature that gathered together people from all around the world and also facilitated a heart and soul stirring workshop.  The movers and shakers who offered seriously grounded skills along with lofty concepts included:  Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsch, Sonia Choquette, Dan Millman, Elizabeth Lesser, Harville Hendricks, Gary Zukav, Judith Orloff, Karen Drucker, Alan Cohen, Andrew Weil,  Barry Goldstein, Cynthia James, Sunny Dawn Johnston,  John Holland, KC Miller,  Lisa Williams, Jill Bolte Taylor,  Linda Francis,  Penache Desai, Denise Linn, Michael Tamura, Jeff Donahue, Greg Peterson,  Michael  and Deborah Traub, James Van Praagh.

Immersed in love soup for an entire weekend, I am now allowing the experiences to marinate me. For those who are unfamiliar, there is a winding  road called Rte 179 that connects the two cities and at night, it is difficult to determine which way the road will turn. On some stretches, the only illumination is from headlights. On each side of the highway loom hulking mountains, creature-like and towering, sage brush and cactus; almost otherworldly images for this East Coast girl, accustomed to pine and oak trees.  These were fitting metaphors for my experience at the conference as well. Having been part of the transformational field for about 25 years, I have attended many conferences and expos and when I was publisher of Visions Magazine, sponsored the Conscious Living Expo, so I had some idea of what it takes to put on an event like this one.  I thought I was coming to the expo for one reason, but ended up recognizing that it went way beyond my initial intention to be there as a journalist/participant. Like most things in my life, I found that the experience ‘worked me’.  Having not had a vacation in several years, this felt like the ideal opportunity to combine my work and play. My son reminded me that I was on vacation and shouldn’t work.  I shared with him  that none of this feels like work. You know how it is when your right livelihood feels that way much of the time.  If you do, then you know you are on the right track and if you don’t, then perhaps it is is time to change tracks.

Arriving in Phoenix in the midst of a sandstorm that turned later into a rainstorm; another fitting metaphor for my life of late, I rode, with a few others to the beyond gorgeous Marriott Desert Ridge resort.  I felt a sense of ahhhh wash over me and although prior to flying out, I reminded myself to get out of my social worker-feeling-out-of-my-element-who-me-I-don’t-belong-at-a-place-like-that and enter into the certainty that I do indeed get to experience that type of luxury.  After washing off the travel grit, I joined a huge crowd of anticipatory energy awaiting the appearance of Wayne Dyer.

Having followed his work since the early 1980’s when I read Your Erroneous Zones, and having interviewed him a few times over the past 20-some years, I was delighted to see him in person, rather than simply on a tv screen while doing a PBS special. This time, he spoke about one of my favorite subjects: extraordinary awareness,  in his presentation called Mastering the Art of Manifestation.   As one who has seen proof positive that this is an art form to be mastered, I found myself nodding in recognition at the messages shared. One of the most powerful concepts he offered was in the use of the words I AM.  These were the same words spoken from the burning bush that Moses stood before and he asked who it was that was sending him to his people with a message. Ehyeh asher ehyeh in Hebrew as the name of God. Wayne’s contention is that anytime we use those words, we are identifying ourselves as God. Now, I know that there may be some readers who feel that is not in keeping with their own religious training or beliefs, but I am coming to accept it as truth for myself. So when you say “I am poor.” or “I am ill.”, you are taking the name of God in vain. Why would God disempower Him/Herself in that way?  Wouldn’t it be better to claim boldly “I am abundant.” or “I am well.” ?  He suggested that prior to drifting off  into sleep,  we make it a practice to affirm all it is that truly are and truly desire to bring into our lives and then we have all of those hours of sleep to marinate in the thoughts,  I AM (fill in the blank), THAT, I AM which seals it in.

The next morning, I was in the beginnings of what I refer to as a spiritual colonic, an all out detox of the systems of my body-mind-spirit. Tears came regularly and I also found myself  clearing out in other ways that may be TMI for this venue.  Over and over throughout the day, the message that kept coming through loud and clear was I was enough as is, no need to fix anything, my emotions were acceptable regardless of what they were. I could live in the world more completely and also be of greater service if I remembered that. One of the things I teach is self love. Feeling rather hypocritical at times, I don’t always live the message. As if often does, opportunities were right in my face, to take a stand for self love. I could choose to ignore them or go nose to nose with them. In the past, I would have ignored the gifts inherent in the delivered messages; ‘return to sender, address unknown’. Instead, I embraced them and moved through the lessons with relative ease and grace. As I am writing this, the snow has melted, the sun is peeking through the clouds and the mist that obscured the mountains has dissipated and I can see clearly.




Although the dynamic Petey Silviera has all what I call those ‘alphabet soup letters’ after her name that indicate she has academic credentials and years of formal study under her belt, it is her compassion and dedication to those she has served over the years and the life lessons from the school of life, that most drew me to interview her. Practical/grounded as well as spiritual/lofty are her ideas.  She invited her clients, readers, students and listeners to discover their own pathways to healing.

How do you live your bliss?


My bliss comes from writing my musings or as other people call them my “healings.” For the past two years, I have posted a musing to my facebook fanpage every single day! I find great joy in matching the perfect photo with my words and feelings. From my daily morning meditation, I also post five days a week on my blog.


Hearing spirit through meditation a few years ago has truly been “my bliss.” I feel complete joy as I share universal thoughts and feelings with thousands of people around the world. I love people, so connecting with such beautiful and like-minded souls has been a part of my bliss as well.


Bringing peaceful feelings to those far and wide no matter the challenges they have in their life, helping them to see there is another path to follow,  feel and live life is my passion.


Since we all have a story, what led you on the path of personal healing and then extending it professionally?


My story of personal healing began with the death of my mother 16-years ago. We were so emotionally close, not only in mother-daughter relationship but as friends, colleagues and souls on a similar path in this lifetime. Her death happened within the space of a couple of months of a medical diagnosis, and it turned my world upside-down.


I didn’t process what had happened even with all the tools I had as a therapist. I shut down, buried it deep inside, and watched as it turned into all types of terrible things within my body. My grief came out in the form of massive fibroids in my uterus, a melanoma on my leg, and a 20-pound weight gain.


Searching for answers and spiritual help became part of my life. This is when I began my journey into daily meditation, prayer, and finding my way to receive messages from my guide. This began my path of spreading and writing my musings for healing to others.


We are all so universally connected in what we deal with in this human lifetime. Grief, illness, divorce, financial issues and children’s turmoil become the “stuff” that we can take and turn into opportunities for soul growth. It has become my mission to become a cog in that process for others.


It has been said that I write simply, am pure of heart, and allow others to connect with me easily and effortlessly. This is why I have become part of the healing process for others after healing myself!




What synchronicities / serendipities have you encountered in your time on this planet?


I always have noticed synchronicities and serendipitous moments in my life from the time I was a little girl. Of course this was due to having a mother that was extremely intuitive! When anything happened that was in the slightest bit odd, uncomfortable, difficult or thrilling, my mother was the first to comment. I remember her saying “Won’t it be interesting to see why this is happening?’ or “I wonder what we’ll say when we see why this person was placed in our lives.”


Having a mother who reframed things so beautifully always allowed me to see the situation as an opportunity instead of a hindrance. I understood how each moment connected to each person I encountered in life. Raised with that attitude, I always cherished the moment of realizing why I met a certain person at a particular time or what blessing fell in front of me because of being in the right place at the right time.


One of these serendipitious moments came when I met my beloved husband, Ron. Years later, I discovered that he was not only my love of this lifetime but love of my life in six previous lifetimes! I had an instant intuitive feeling when I our eyes first connected, and we are now going on a 21 wonderful years together.


I have had hundreds of these moments through the internet as I connect with like-minded souls who turn out to be perfectly placed at a certain time in my life. Meeting you Edie, having you as a guest on my radio show, and now being interviewed on your blog allows my thoughts to be shared by others…for what purpose? I can’t wait to see what it is!


How can humor get us through life challenges?


Humor is truly God’s gift to us in this human lifetime. It helps us feel lighter and brighter when life feels heavy. Even in the most serious of moments, sharing a laugh or a smile with someone dear even in the depths of despair is a gift.


If we could remember, as our souls do, “life” is just transitory. It is here to work through experiences so we may allow our souls to become one with the light once again. These issues are not here to create anchors around our neck. They give us the opportunity to shine once again when we find the person or solution to our problems even if that solution is to trust that all will be provided for us in the perfect time and place. Seeing the humor in these situations is a gift to us.


I love using humor in therapy as well. It allows another soul to see and feel that even in the darkest hours they still have the ability to be light. Sometimes people have forgotten that feeling when they walk through my door, and it becomes a gift and a tool to use through their healing.





What is past-life regression?


I love facilitating past-life regression with people! It becomes a magical process that allows people to heal while being comfortably in a trance state known as hypnosis. They have the ability to access past lives where there have been negative cell memories that have carried over into this lifetime that created some type of damage.


After the client has found the past life or multiple lives where this cell memory has been felt, I take them to the end of that lifetime to do the healing work. This allows the negative cell memory to be cleared.


I then do additional healing work with my client after they have processed that particular lifetime. While they are in the theta brainwave state, I guide them into the light where they can rest and heal between lifetimes. I feel honored to help facilitate this process. The depth of the work they do in this space is remarkable. Many individuals meet their spirit guides in this space. Some people even get the opportunity to have wonderful healing conversations with those who have previously transitioned.


If anyone wants to learn more about past-life regression in depth, they can go to my website at and read all about it. It is certainly a blessing to have been the connector for people to their past lifetimes for the past 20 years!



What are some heartening breakthroughs you have seen in your work?


I have seen incredible breakthroughs using past-life regression. People who felt angry for decades were able to feel peace after just a few sessions! In several cases, I’ve seen my clients struggle to find closure after their significant other had committed suicide. Through past-life regression, they can communicate with these souls when they were in the space between lifetimes. These healing conversations allowed them to finally be at peace.


I’ve also had many clients seek counseling over the loss of a child that had tragically and suddenly died. As my client connects with their child through past-life regression and are finally able to express their feelings, they become unstuck in their grieving process. I feel so humbled as I watch the tears roll down their faces as they do this work and feel the impact of seeing their loved ones.


Many of my clients have experienced physical, sexual, emotional, or mental abuse in this lifetime. Through past-life regression, my clients are able to find their abuser in a previous lifetime in some other form. My role is to help them connect the pieces as to why this pattern existed once again in this lifetime. It truly is incredible work. Learning karmic connections and patterns is liberating, and it allows my client to let go of the damage that has been done. It is such a reward to me to watch my clients move on from these issues to healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships.


In as little as one or two sessions, I have helped thousands of clients heal from life long phobias in so many areas. Past-life regression allows my clients to discover on an unconscious level where this trauma and negative cell memory came from. They now can live their life normally – flying, sailing, riding in elevators, you name it – without these debilitating fears. It’s always as thrilling to me to see the healing occur as it is to the client! I feel so blessed to help them.



How do you take care of yourself, since you offer so much to those you serve?


Such a wonderful question Edie! Yes, to take care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is so important! If I am not at peace, I could hardly help others be at peace!


I meditate each and every day. No matter the stressors in my own life, once I come out of meditation, I am at peace. I meditate for at least 30 minutes, if not an hour or more depending on my need. I love to exercise in the morning as well! I either swim outside in the pool or walk my beautiful golden retriever by the ocean or through the woods. It brings me an incredible feeling of peace to connect with nature, and it allows me further time to meditate.


My spiritual home in the physical sense is Christ Church Unity Orlando. Spending time with those of like spirit feeds my soul and brings me immediate joy.


Spending quality time with my husband, children and grandchildren have inspired some of my fondest memories. I love to talk and laugh with them around the dinner table, play a lively game of cards, or merely sit in each other’s company. Did I mention my son and his wife are having identical twins girls this spring? I feel incredibly blessed to welcome these beautiful souls to this plane.


Finding the balance between my practice, coaching, writing, family, and being with the love of my life allows me to nurture all areas of my being. I feel blessed on a daily basis for where I am in my life and the peace and tranquility of my path. Offering the same to others is my passion!


Thank you Edie for a wonderful interview! I am most grateful for your questions. It’s always a joy to write and share my thoughts with others! Namaste.

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