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Bliss Kiss From The Divine


Lift your face heavenward and prepare to receive the most sweep-me-off-my-feet, delicious, pucker-up, Kiddo, buss on those ruby red lips of yours, since today is the day that the One who breathed you into life plants one on you.

Butterfly kisses, fluttering across your forehead

with the sweet caress of the Creator, called by many different names each expressing your heart’s longing for union with all that is.

A sonic smooch as you hear the song celestial cascading

through the airwaves, enticing you to dance with Divinity, clapping your hands in time to your heartbeat rhythm.

Sweeter than nibbling tidbits of chocolate, called by the same name, is this delectable, toe curling delight.

You are invited to sip the sweetness of Soul kiss, wake me-shake-me to my roots, kiss.

An embracing endearment that enfolds you safely, so that you may rest in the arms of wonder; content, no need to do anything for the moment..simply BE-ing is enough, you irresistible Being, you:)

Who loves you, Baby?

Edie Weinstein 2010

Techno Cosmic Mass

Last weekend, I engaged in an event that was choreographed by a group of talented people, many of whom I have known for more than 20 years.  I am part of  several interfaith communities in the Philadelphia area. One is called Common Ground Fellowship.  One of the things we love to do, is create rituals around the changes of the season.  For the Winter Solstice, we delve deeply into the treasure trove that is the Techno Cosmic Mass.  Once Catholic priest, now Episcopal priest, Matthew Fox designed what many call a ‘spiritual rave’ that incorporates music, dance, light, sound, and interactive ritual.  My delight has been both in co-designing the event (last year) and assisting (this year, since with my mother’s illness and passing, I had not the time or energy to be on the planning committee). The beauty of my role this year, is that it allowed me to simply BE, which in and of itself was healing and transformative.  My own process through the death of my mother is reflected in the stages you will read about below. This came from the promo material for the Common Ground event.

The Four Paths
The Techno Cosmic Mass itself is based on the Four Paths of the Via Positiva, the Via Negativa, the Via Creativa and the Via Transformativa. If you’d like to learn more about this framework, you may be interested in the Stanford lecture video where Matthew Fox describes the paths in more depth.

Via Positiva
This is the way of celebrating life, of seeing the world with its beauty and goodness, its grace and generosity–and being open to seeing more. This is the way of reverence, respect and gratitude. It’s the way of original blessing, whereby we live out the truth that the universe and life itself, for all the struggle and pain they dispense, have birthed us as individuals and communities with what we need for happiness and for sharing joy.

Via Negativa
This goes into the darkness, the wounds, the pain and silence and solitude of existence to find what we have to learn there. It’s a way of letting go and letting be, of emptying and being emptied, of moving beyond judgment and beyond control, and learning to breathe, to sit, to be still, to dwell in silence, to taste nothingness without flinching and, ultimately, to focus. It’s the way of grieving. Without grief we can’t move on to the next stage, one of giving birth.

Via Creativa
Having fallen in love with life often (Via Positiva) and having been emptied and learned to let go and let be numerous times (Via Negativa), the spiritual warrior is ready to give birth. Creativity is the weapon, the sword, of the spiritual warrior–who is mother as well as father, and who digs deep into a wellspring of wildness that provides the energy for new life, connections, images and moral imagination by which to change things in a deep, not superficial, way. “The same Spirit that hovered over the waters at the beginning of creation hovers over the mind of the artist at work.”

Via Transformativa
Claims to artistry and to creativity and to co-creation need to be tested. The Spirit requires discernment and evaluation. The primary test for claims of spirit work is that of justice and compassion. Does the work I’m doing pass the justice test? Does it fill gaps between haves and have-nots or make the chasm deeper? Does it contribute to healing and empowerment of the powerless or re-establish the privileges of the few at the expense of the many?

As I experienced this event, I witnessed nearly 200 people in a state of sacred interaction, with each other, with the processes, with their perception of the Divine. Eyes closed in meditation, placing stones in water into which they had cast their let-go’s for the year, sipping wine or sparkling cider to celebrate the sweetness of life, whispering their prayers and desires for the next year into delicate pale pink tinged white roses, holding hands and doing a spiral dance throughout the space…a feast for all of the senses was had. Clergy from various faith traditions, co-led the experience.

My joy was enhanced by connecting with so many old friends that I think of as ‘overlapping soul circles’, whose loving service to the world over the years, continues to inspire me. I felt that I was truly at home in the cosmos.  

Infinite Love and Gratitude Dude

I am the joy of meeting Dr. Darren Weissman a few years ago, when he came to Philadelphia  from his home base of Chicago,to speak at a two day workshop with Gregg Braden . This man glowed like no one I had ever known.  A gentle and powerful energy exuded from him and I was drawn to know more about the source behind it. He describes it as Infinite Love and Gratitude.  Simple and profound, as you will see when you read his words that folllow.
How do you live your bliss?   
I live my bliss through discovering and reclaiming my power through the subtle and sometimes extreme symptoms and stressors of life. I consciously connect with the power of Infinite Love & Gratitude as a means to transform reactive patterns in my body and life into active steps of living in my power. Upon awakening each morning for approximately 10 minutes, I consciously fill my body with thoughts of Infinite Love & Gratitude. I focus on different areas and functions of my physical body and observe the shifts as I go from one part to then next. I then begin to send the vibration of Infinite Love & Gratitude to my wife and children, family and friends, and anyone else who randomly comes to my heart feeling the connection expand as my focus becomes clearer. Before leaving my bed to begin my day I make the statement, “Regardless of what comes my way today, I know that I will do my best to embrace each moment of this day with Infinite Love & Gratitude.” Then I drink a big glass of water, allow my body functions to do their business, and head out to play tennis with my best friend. That’s all before 6 am. I consciously live what are called The Five Basics for Optimal Health or the Essential Acts of Self-Love: Water, Food, Rest, Exercise, and Owning My Power. My days are filled with driving my kids to school, seeing clients, teaching, writing, quality time with my wife and kids, and sharing with others ways that they can reclaim their power. Rather than being tied to a specific schedule that dictates my every action, I like to go with the flow as I tend to thrive when I’m free to creatively move from moment to moment. I’m grateful and optimistic even though I’m a big feeler of my emotions. I look at life as an evolutionary journey offering me the opportunity of reclaiming my authentic power and nature to shine even in the most challenging of circumstances. Bliss is a natural by-product when I’m connected to my authentic nature.
Can you please describe the Infinite Love and Gratitude concept and how it came to be?
The Infinite Love & Gratitude concept is an integrative philosophy, science, and technology called The LifeLine Technique. As a result of being a doctor of holistic medicine for the past 17 years I’ve had the opportunity to study many ancient and modern natural healing modalities. The pinnacle moment of awakening to Infinite Love & Gratitude was when my cousin Rob Morgan, who is the first deaf chiropractor to graduate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic held his hand in the American Sign Language hand mode of ‘I Love You.’ Not only did I feel a huge shift inside as he held his hand in this hand posture/mudra, but I was able to observe an instant change in a muscle reflex test upon holding my hand in this posture and saying these words. Life is beautiful and gives us signs if we’re open enough to listen and receive. I soon became aware that simple affirmations, declarative statements, and observations through the lens of Infinite Love & Gratitude create shifts on the deepest of levels with both biological and behavioral functions
What benefits have you seen as a result of using it in your life, that of your family and those for whom you offer your services?
The changes have been epic. Ranging from personal shifts in my relationship with my wife Sarit that have enabled us to grow individually and as a couple. Last week we were in the emergency room for our youngest Liam as he had split open his lower lip. As a result of using what I know, his lip healed without ever needing stiches. Sarit is no longer allergic to our cat Izzy as I’m no longer allergic to anything (As a child I suffered with many food and environmental allergies). I’ve witnessed uterine fibroids heal, warts, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic headaches, addictions, endometriosis, infertility, depression and bipolar, anxiety and panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, phantom pain, and gangrene all heal. The truth is it doesn’t matter the name or diagnosis of a particular symptom when it comes to The LifeLine Technique. Each symptom, stress, and disease is a conversation stemming from reactive parts of the subconscious mind. The LifeLine Technique combined with the vibration of Infinite Love & Gratitude guides the person to the root of where the symtom, stress, or disease is coming from while at the same time empowers the person through setting powerful and positive intentions to create a whole new attractor field for the mind, body, and spirit. The power that made the body heals the body, it happens no other way. It’s amazing however to witness the transformations that occur on a daily basis with the clients I personally work with, the students I’ve trained, but mostly with being a dad of three young kids and witness their beauty shine.
And the Lifeline Technique goes far beyond your chiropractic work…can you elaborate on it?
The LifeLine Technique integrates Chinese medicine and the five elements, Ayurvedic medicine and the chakras, shamanism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming, Color Therapy, essential oils, homeopathy, sound therapy, holographic repatterning, epigenetics, and then some, all combined with a heart based process that uses The LifeLine Technique Flowchart (blueprint of the subconscious mind), observation, intention, declarative statements, affirmations, and portals. These are all integrated into a seamless process that tells the souls story from a subconscious perspective. Even as I write this, I realize that it doesnt’ express the essence of what it is, rather it’s a process that needs to be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated. All I can say is I’m so deeply humbled and grateful to be able to share and live with this consciousness.
How do you balance the personal and professional aspects of your life?
This is a work in progress, however the simple answer is one moment at a time. I’m a dedicated husband, father, friend, doctor, teacher, author, and human being. I am passionate about life and I do my best to authentically communicate my feelings in the moment so I’m able to flow from moment to moment. Many times this is much easier said than done, however I love the journey!

Goddesses For Every Day

What is the Sacred Feminine?  It is a conversation that has been a part of my life for the past 10 years as I explore my own Divine nature. Many of the women I encounter are also fascinated with the concepts as they too embrace their true beauty.

 Many traditions call forth the energies of deity-essence, in terms of having properties associate with the feminine aspects of being. Throughout centuries, prior to the coming of a patriarchal approach to spirituality, the Life Force Energy was considered to be of the Divine Feminine; a creating and sustaining power.  We are accustomed to considering the feminine to be only nurturing and protecting.

The archetype of Goddess is multi-cultural. Julie Loar’s book entitled Goddesses For Every Day: Exploring The Wisdom & Power of the Divine Feminine Around The World, shows the various faces of the Goddess. Each seems to bear both light and dark sides, vulnerability and strength.  What is particularly striking about this book, is its expansive and inclusive nature.  Most people are familiar with Greek and Roman Goddesses. I recall learning about them in junior high school with the caveat that these were mythological beings. Growing up in a Judeo-Christian culture; that was to be expected. Loar opens the door and invites in a plethora of Sacred Feminine beings. There is Lorop (LOR-ahp) whose primary aspect is Mystery. She hails from Micronesia and is of the sea.  Uke Mochi (OOH-key MO-chee) is the Shinto Goddess of food and rice. Holda (HOL-dah) is a Teutonic deity who flies through the night sky’s and delivers gifts, much like Santa.  

There are 366 Goddesses profiled, one for each day of the year (and a bonus:).  I was delighted to see that the Goddess who represents my birthday; October 13th  is Hi’ iaka (hee EYE-ah-kah) Hawaiian Goddess of dance and she who breathes fire into volcanos, since dance both soothes and enlivens me and many who know me, consider me a fire-y  and passionate person. 

At the top of each page is a descriptive quality and at the bottom is an inspiring affirmation. Another unique component to the structure of the book is that Loar connects the Goddesses with the 12 zodiac signs.

The narrative about each Goddess is a fascinating glimpse into cultures worldwide.This book is both magical and practical and serves to illuminate our understanding of creating and life sustaining energies.



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