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The first time I met Melanie Eatherton, she was behind the counter of her family owned Bucks County bakery. Celtic music wafted side by side with luscious smells and yummy treats.  Melanie’s smile and warmth was part of the appeal. Fast forward and we found ourselves part of a group of spiritual entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference in the world. I was fascinated with Melanie’s perspective on what it takes to live a fully realized life. She thinks of herself as a “Law of Attraction Diva, Peace Maker, Love Creator, Bad Image Annihilator”  who believes that our thoughts help to shape the outcome of our actions.


She was clear that  “When Life circumstances aren’t as I would have them be, I remember that I make it what it is. I take a good look at what’s going on inside to give me these outside results. Then, I read the paper my son wrote about where he will be in 10 years time. He told his class and teachers that his mom has been through a lot and despite it all has managed to stay positive and that she inspires him more then anything. That is what really gets me through it. Remembering that I am not only a mom but a mentor and what I do affects those around me.”

Musing about her identity, she shares: “I discovered who I am by looking in the mirror. You see, we always know who we are but sometimes need reminders. I was really down, had been through great adversity, and when I saw that person looking back at me with tear stained cheeks and creases beside her eyes, her eyes hard and swollen….I realized that I need to look deeper in that mirror. I did just that. I could see that twinkle in my eye. I could see that vibrant little girl jumping up and down waiting to play. I could see that the lessons that I had been taught through out all the ups and downs were actually gifts. I remembered the words of my Grandmother when she told me I was an earth angel. ( I was knee high to a grasshopper then ) . And then I rediscovered me… the woman, the girl the soul that is here for very good reasons, to live and to be….to raise the consciousness of this world we live in and to feel how good life really is.”

Enthusiasm about each day seems to come naturally to this go-getter. “For me, when I am helping someone discover themselves again I feel as though I am playing. You see I have great passion for what I do…and when I get to do it I am like a child. Giddy sometimes, and always so very grateful to be given such gifts as to help someone else find themselves and live the life they are here to live.”

Melanie is grateful to have found her passion and purpose: “I not only feel, but also know that I was born to raise the consciousness of the world. Not alone of course, but as the united collective. I know that I had to go through the things I have to be able to help others see past the same things. I know that I am here to teach people to lift up their own pens and write their own stories without taking on the endless stories of everyone else. And I know I am here to show people that its all about choice.”

She joyfully expresses:  “You see, we are all energy. When you are living your dream your energy levels go higher and higher. That energy is like the ripple effect in the ocean. It spreads farther and farther. When you are happy and your vibration matches that happiness you give it out tenfold…which is that ripple effect…and it becomes very contagious…and very strong.”

Flowers Are Red

Children are naturally creative.  We come into the world (in most cases), with senses fully alive. We take in the the Universe through them; smelling, tasting, touching, hearing and seeing what is around us. We are industrious and think outside the box, designing all manner of ways to climb on counters to get to the cookie jar, or dab sticky fingers on the wall to paint pretty pictures for our parents.  If we are lucky, we are surrounded by adults who acknowledge and encourage our creative endeavors.  If not, we can, as adults, find ourselves stifled. How many had teachers who told us to lip synch rather than express ourselves melodically or who told us to ‘stay inside the lines’ when we colored? 


Harry Chapin wrote a beautiful song called Flowers Are Red (covered by Zain Bhikha). It is a powerful reminder that we are ALL artists.  Color with your creative juices~!

Make Magic Happen

Make magic happen every moment.  You are truly an alchemist who can turn lead into gold. Find a magic word and make it your own. At the mention of this mantra, your world is transformed. Frowns turn upside down, broken hearts are healed and im-possible dreams become I’m-possible realities. 

So, what is a mantra?  Take a look at a few  perspectives on the subject.


The symbol   ?  (prounounced ‘om’) is considered a mantra in Vedantic teachings. 



Blissful Butterfly

Butterflies symbolize metamorphosis, new beginnings, coming out of hibernation into re-birth. Stories abound of transformational tales; one such is called “Bliss” written  and illustrated by multi-cultural author Dorreya Wood.  I found it to be a sweetly simple and profound book that would appeal to chronological children and those of us who are kids in grown up suits.  The theme that weaves through it is of interconnection regardless of appearance.  The irridescently colored butterfly named Bliss, shares wisdom with cynical creatures such as birds, a squirrel, a lamb and snail and regales them with a poem at every turn. 

” I am the wind, I am the breeze.

   I am the flowers, I am the leaves.

   I am the birds, I am the trees. 

   I am the stars, I am the seas.

    I am all these.

   I am.”


Knowing who you are is truly precious, as is this brilliantly scribed and magnificently illustrated book. Dorreya describes it as “A breathtaking story of transformation that reveals ‘we are never alone.’ ”


A portion of the proceeds are donated to children’s charities.

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