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To Your Heart’s Content

The day dawns. Open your eyes and drink in the beauty that surrounds you.  Allow the first thought that enters your mind upon awakening to be:  “How can I live to my heart’s content?”  Nourish that sweet heart of yours with loving friends and family, adventurous experiences, colorfuly creativity, healthy foods, fresh air, exercise.  Drop habits that no longer serve you. Know that your thoughts are creative and contribute to the well being of your physiological heart as well as the emotional ‘heart center’ and the energetic heart chakra known in Sanskrit as ‘anahata’ or the ‘unstruck note’.

Learn about the HeartMath System ®, which,according to their website “entails practical, heart-based tools and technologies that people of all ages and walks of life can use to enhance health, performance and well-being.”

The Institute For HeartMath (IMH) was founded by Doc Childre who discovered that the methods which are part and parcel of HeartMath are transformative, stress reducing, strenghthening and resilience building.

Much of the focus is on heart based living, which, according to Doc Childre, “helps you learn to live in the now, bringing more of your real self into each moment. Becoming more of who you really are releases inner security, allowing you to relate to life with increased hope and confidence. Increased fulfillment is the result of this process.”

Remembered Radiance


“To continue one’s journey in the darkness with one’s footsteps guided by the illumination of Remembered Radiance is to know courage of a peculiar kind – the courage to demand that light continue to be light in the surrounding darkness.” – Howard Thurman


According to wikipedia:  

Howard Thurman (1899 – April 10, 1981) was an influential American author, philosopher, educator , theologian and civil rights leader. He was Dean of Theology and the chapels at Howard University and Boston University for more than two decades, wrote 20 books, and in 1944 helped found the first racially integrated, multicultural church in the United States.

When you face a time of darkness, whether it is that which comes as a result of developing and growing a revised version of yourself, or if it shows up in the midst of major life challenges, recall a moment, even if ever so slight of a sense of illumination. Carry that with you as if it were a blazing torch, into the shadow and know that it will indefinately light your way.

Only One

One of my favorite singer songwriters is John Flynn; whose music reaches children of all ages.  As I was listening to his CD entitled Dragon, this particular piece jumped out at me.  It reminds me that each of us has both the ability AND responsibility to do all that we can to reach out to others. Lest you ever wonder if you make a difference….


Only One                             


One night I had the strangest dream …
a young man came to me
and asked what I had done that day 
to end the misery
I asked What difference does it make? 
What good could I have done?
There are too many people … He said 
No, there’s only oneOne hungry child  
- the one you did not feed
One lonely soul 
- the one you did not need
One dying heart 
- the heart that did not bleed
For all the things the day has left undone
You can change the world with only oneNow lately I’d begun to fear 
the turning of the earth
With every lap 
around the solar system since my birth
I’d see my chances to change my life 
go from slim to none
How many days are left? I asked
He said You need just oneOne single day 
-lived with all your heart
One single step 
-is enough to start
Wonderful things
-stuff that’s off the chart
happen on the journey once begun
You can change your world with only oneHe said Though they mesmerize you 
like a gold watch on a chain
you’re more than the boundaries you embrace
Reason, thin as angel’s skin, 
will fly to some high shelf when
light that searches through the 
endless darkness finds itself…One hungry child 
won’t be denied bread
One lonely soul 
won’t be neglected… One by 
one dying hearts 
will heal when they’ve bled
for all the things that they had left undone
You can change the world with only one

© 2003 Flying Stone Music

Soul Expression

Veronica Drake is what I think of as a ‘professional hyphenate’. She is a life coach-speaker-writer-intuitive with a delightful sense of humor. She has discovered that in the midst of life challenges…and she has survived many; humor has been a healing balm.  She knows that she is tapped into Source and willingly shares that with all she encounters.


How do you live your bliss? 



Official definition:

1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy.

2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy.


When I decided to be happy I was. What I mean by that is I believe we create the world  we live in.  Creating bliss for me is a process of affirmations, quiet time with Spirit, using my mind creatively, and spending time laughing and connecting with people.   I want to clarify that I do not wake up with singing birds on my window sill and sunshine on my face, but I am willing to consciously make the choice to think that way.  What I mean by that is life happens, we all have stuff that side tracks us and takes us on a different path than originally thought.  It is our reaction to the change that creates bliss!  Every day before I get out of bed I give thanks to the creator for giving me one more day!   How do I live my bliss?  With every breath I take!


You call your work Soul Expression…how do you personally express your soul?


Using my creativity is the main way I express my Soul.  I love to write and I love to develop out of the box ways to empower women.  My practice of expression includes connecting directly to my Source.  Connecting to Source or Spirit is a very personal journey. There are many ways to draw the breath of spirit into your expressions.  I simply choose to get quiet and listen.  I typically have a pen and paper and just write what comes to me. 


I also express my Soul in my day to day interactions with humanity. Maybe it’s  a smile to a stranger, or holding the space for people to be where they are at, not judging and not discriminating on who deserves kindness and who doesn’t.  I made myself a promise to always strive to honor spirit in all that I do.   And, for me that means sharing all of me with the world.  I live from my Soul.  My life is transparent; what you see is what you get.  I truly try to live the words Do Unto Others.


What do you feel is your purpose in this lifetime?


I am 100% certain my purpose is to be the messenger which includes healing humanity.  My title is Spiritual Advisor and  Intuitive.  I am one of  the vehicles that spirit uses to communicate with humanity.  I am able to read energy at a Soul level.  I am able to tap into what’s happening right now in your life and with Divine guidance I pass on the information lovingly and compassionately that’s needed to help you travel your path.  Being honest, direct and compassionate is my style, oh yea, and I love to laugh. Humor is part of the package with me!



How does Spirit speak through you?


I believe we all have the ability to have a conversation with Spirit.  I simply choose to listen and trust what comes through. Typically I am able to use all five senses when conversing with spirit.  I am also at times able to communicate with loved ones who have passed on.  For me it’s a very strong sense of knowing and trusting what is shown to me.  For me it’s as natural as breathing.


What is You-ology?


You-Ology is a 5 week program I developed (with spirit guidance, of course) to help women live their lives by design instead of by default.  I use custom designed tools to help each individual identify and live her passion and purpose. I offer a 10- 15 minute complimentary conversation to see if we are a good match to work together.  When you decide to work with me you get all my intuitiveness in the process as well as worksheets and yes, there is “homework”.   After all no one has your answers except YOU!  You-Ology is truly the study of YOU.  


I am also very excited to share that I have developed and extension to You-Ology. It is called Soul Expressions and it’s a membership site where you can explore who you came here to be. More to come on my website. The launch date is January 8th! I am planning a virtual launch party. Watch my site for details.




Talk about Thoughts, Food,  W(h)ine  and Bubble Wrap, please.


Writing Thoughts, Food, W(h)ine & Bubble Wrap was personally cathartic for me. I needed a venue to release all the learning I have embraced over the last decade or so. I share personal stories and real life examples from my life on how I climbed up and embraced life.   The book was intended to be a light hearted look at life and how it works if we let it.  It was by choice I made the book a journal of sorts. I am a firm believer in writing it all out. It was also intentional that I made it only 80 pages. I wanted a quick look that inspires women to check in with themselves and hopefully re read it as necessary.


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