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On Sunday, I had a close encounter of the apiary kind; well fortunately, only one resident visited me. I was at an interfaith gathering at Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, PA.The purpose was to network with other spiritual communities. As I was sitting, listening with rapt attention to the others who were sharing about their projects, I noticed a bee near my chair. It seemed unable to fly, so it meandered casually around, but went no further than a few feet away. I was careful not to step on it, for its sake as well as mine, since I have had allergic reactions that involved local swelling and pain at the site. I made an agreement as I always do with bees who come in close proximity. “I won’t hurt you, you won’t hurt me and we’ll get along just fine.”  For three hours, it sat there and didn’t attempt to escape. Maybe it was listening as well.

At the base of my chair was a recycled cardboard cup filled with green tea. The lid was on and there was a small opening. I felt sure that the bee was larger than could fit through it. Just in case, I would periodically check on its whereabouts and rested assured that we were peacefully co-existing. Near the end of the afternoon, I reached down to pick up the cup to take one final sip and who should be peeking out of the lid?  YIKES!  Thank goodness I looked first. The other few times I had been stung, were on my foot, my ankle and my hand; far less threatening than being stung on my mouth, or even heaven forbid that I might have swallowed it.  I carefully escorted my little friend outside and placed it on a rock near the front door. Clearly we were in some kind of communion and it had something to tell me.

When I looked it up on line, here is what I found:

“Spring is the perfect time of year to think about those busy,  pollinating insects, bees.  Bees live all over the world, and can have as many as 60,000 workers and several hundred drones in a single hive.  All the activity in the hive, of course, revolves around the queen.  The drones serve the purpose of mating with the queen, so that she can give birth  to more worker bees.  For thousands of years, man and bee have lived side by  side, even working together to make and harvest honey.  Bee reminds us to take the honey of life and make our own lives meaningful and fertile.  In  other words, bee tells us to enjoy what we do, whatever it may be.  Bee is also very much associated with the feminine, fertility, growth, and motherhood.  The queen bee is often the sole survivor when winter arrives, and she is the one to build the new hive in the spring.  The queen is  the reason for most of these associations, if not all, since she is  responsible for taking care of the hive.  Bees’ pollination leads us to fertility.”

This is on target for what has been coming up in my life as I have been appreciating the sweetness of my life and immersing in the Divine Feminine energy in all its glorious fullness. Flight of the Bumblebee-Maksim

Goddess Chakra Meditation Kit

I connected with artist Jo Jayson via a mutual friend and was immediately drawn into her magical world, with lush, vivid colors and mystical imagery. Since part of my own spiritual practice acknowledges the Divine Feminine, it felt completely natural to be attracted to her work. As I visited her website, I saw that she and I share a fascination with myths, legends and Celtic culture. When I received a package in the mail last week, I could feel the energy radiating forth from it; as if the contents were waiting to jump out. Inside was a golden mesh bag, with a smaller burgundy bag containing crystals, 7 gorgeously illustrated cards with imagery of the emanations of The Goddess and an easy to use instructional Manuel as a guide through the process of integrating chakra meditation and healing. I immediately dove in, appreciating the beauty of the cards and the comfort of the crystals. I actually slept with one (carnelian) for working with second chakra energies (orange), revolving around creativity and sexuality, as well as the physical organs in the lower abdominal region of the body. The next day, I used the rose quartz crystal accompanying Deva Premal and Miten’s 21 Day Mantra Meditation when the theme was love. Perfect timing.


How do you live your bliss?


I guess I live my bliss by doing the work I do. Painting is my bliss; the rest of the work, the products, workshops etc. comes from that, but my bliss is in the painting. That is who I am. For others to live their bliss they also have to find that thing that makes their heart and soul sing. We all have something; just finding it, or listening to its call.


Can you give a basic overview of the chakras?


Not an easy thing to do, which is why I have written a small booklet called A Basic Understanding of the Chakras. This comes with the kit, but you can buy it separately. I think if I was to try and condense even that basic information, I would have to say, that the 7 main chakras (we have thousands) are the ones

We need to focus on to help us create balance and harmony in our lives. Beginning in your Root (perineum) it is here you feel your strength, your stability, security and feeling of and one with the earth….moving into your Sacral (hara) your lower belly where you feel your creativity, your joy, enthusiasm and sensuality and sexuality….moving into the Solar Plexus (upper belly) to feel your power center, your sense of worth, confidence and your sense of who you are. Your Heart Chakra (center of chest) is your own physical and spiritual center. This is our home, place of love, which is where we come from, and who we are. This is where we need to learn to live from, to listen to and to receive and give in equal amounts. Our Throat chakra is where we speak our truth, express what is in our hearts, and with the love of the heart, express it with compassion and integrity. Our Third Eye (between the eyebrows) is where we receive our intuition, messages from spirit, dreams, perception, portal to behind the veil, and our Crown Chakra on top of our heads is our invisible umbilical cord to spirit, to who we really are in essence, and this is where we receive our connection, through our crown, as likewise we receive our connection to our physical selves, through our root chakra, via our feet, through the ground. Keeping these energy centers clear, clean and balanced is vital for emotional and physical health. It is our belief systems and our thought patterns that are the primary source for messing these energy centers up.


Why are certain colors and sounds associated with each one?


Each vibrates at a different frequency, therefore each as has a different energy it attracts and emits, much like everything living on this planet. Each different vibration holds a different vibration of sound therefore, much like the chords in music, and likewise in the color spectrum. When white light is split up into different vibrations….the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, with countless other minute frequency/color changes making up the whole, white light which is what we receive via the crown chakra. Each vibration/frequency/color will hold a healing, a memory, and an essence that will correspond to the emotional and physical connections to each chakra. Using color, sound, smell, and all frequencies and vibrations is the best way to get optimum health of the chakras.


How do they work together to heal blockages?


You must do the healing; they are just energy centers spinning around, but we can slow them down, unbalance them, and cause blockages, manifesting in physical ailments and emotional dis – ease. We do this by our belief patterns, our thought processes and our actions. It is only ourselves that can heal our own bodies and our own emotional issues. Healers can help shift energy around, but if we go back to our old patterns, the old energetic unbalance and sludge will just return. So it’s important to work with our chakras on a continuous basis, much like cleaning teeth every day.


What happens if they are too open or too closed?


Being too anything is not good. We want to create balance and harmony with a beautiful flow of giving out and receiving. It’s not that the chakras can be too open; this isn’t the case, but I think in terms of the heart, we must be discerning and listen to the heart in deciding what feels good and what doesn’t. Likewise with the solar plexus, be discerning in who you merge your energy with, because we can absorb others energies unwittingly. We also have to understand that nobody can take our energy, or power away from us. It is physically and spiritually impossible, but we can give it away for free unknowingly and this takes strength, awareness and perception and a strong belief in who you are.


Please speak about how your beautiful set-The Goddess Chakra Series came to be created?


The paintings were done whilst going through a deeply emotional time in my life. I painted them to heal myself. At the time I was a muralist and had no idea I was going to be doing this, nor that these paintings had a much higher purpose. The way it all unfolded was incredible and truly still surprises me to this day. But in painting each one, over a period of almost 18 months. I learnt how to heal myself. The Goddess energy came out in them obviously, because this was how I expressed myself, but also how very much they were divinely guided to be this way.


How does the Goddess speak to you?

Sometimes very loudly, sometimes very subtly. She guides me with intuition and sometimes with a loud voice, not often but sometimes this has happened and shocked me to the core. As for the paintings, with images in my mind, she shows me poses, the way the hair is supposed to look, the way the face should be turned…..This is the way now that I get information for my new paintings in the Sacred Feminine series. For the Goddess chakra series, I was guided very much to images which I found to merge together, create composite women or to the exact pose or face I had been shown. I don’t ever second guess it. I just accept it all gratefully. Now I am shown the essence of the painting and I use models to recreate the image I’ve been given. Now I know when I get funny tingly feelings about things that they are correct, or sometimes in the case of the Magdalene painting I did, was very strongly told not to read anything after I bought 5 books, so you never know, just have to be willing to be given the info that you need.


What was your spiritual journey that led you to where you are?


I think the spiritual journey starts life times ago and in this time it’s from when you are a child, learning, picking up the positive and negative around you, shaping you into who you become as an adult. Inevitably we all have a big bump in the road; sometimes two if we don’t take notice the first time. The bumps, however they manifest, become the mirrors for us to look at our lives and then see what’s not right, what’s not working and then we have to turn our lives upside down and do a clean out and recreate a new foundation and a new life, ultimately becoming a new you., so the journey starts before our time here, and is never ending. We are constantly evolving and changing and growing. We have help along the way, to remember and see who we are. Some call that the spiritual path, but we are always on a spiritual path. Just some are more aware than others. My connection with the Divine Feminine is my soul purpose in bringing this energy to the world at this time with countless others doing similar things. We all do it in different ways but we all have individual voices with which to express it.


How are you inspired to create?

It’s not really a clear answer because it’s a calling, and an innate urge, like drinking water when you’re thirsty. It’s not a conscious decision to want to paint what I paint. Ii just know I have to. I get given the inspiration by feelings, and music, and conversations, and other people’s images or writings. So inspiration is all around us, calling us all to do what we all love to do.


PAINTED PRAYERS and MAGICAL INTENTIONS – A Creative Workshop © with Jo Jayson

Sat, May 4, 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Soulutions For Daily Living, Inc. 126 N. State Street Newtown, PA 18940


Join international and critically acclaimed artist, Jo Jayson, for this healing and inspirational workshop – This creative mini-retreat is a time to quiet oneself from the daily hub of life and allow yourself to really focus your dreams, desires, wishes and prayers. Using a special creative practice and technique I created which I call Painted Prayers (done a lot in my classes with kids and women’s circles over the years) – you will be sowing the seeds of your desires and wishes, and then discussing the importance of alignment with them and how to focus on them with directed intentioned energy, and then let them go to the Universe. You will also be creating your own special “Magical Wand”, using tree twigs, crystals and other materials, learning how to invoke the energy of the Faerie World, to help magnetize your desires and wishes. We will finish with a special MANIFESTING MEDITATION; This is a creative, fun and magical workshop, NO ARTISTIC TALENT IS NEEDED….only the joy to create is required 🙂 Please visit Jo Jayson’s website to learn more and see her incredible work of the heart and soul. Space limited!





Sun, May 5, 1:00pm – 3:30pm


Soulutions For Daily Living, Inc. 126 N. State Street Newtown, PA 18940 215-968-9750

Goddess painter and spiritual ARTIST JO JAYSON will teach you about each of the main 7 Chakras in your body, and how they show up for you if they are blocked or unbalanced. Using creative visualization, color, and Jo’s Goddess Chakra Meditation Cards and Kits, she will show you HOW TO open up, focus on and ENERGIZE each center – creating alignment, balance and empowerment. (This class is good for beginners as well as seasoned Chakra students.) Jo Jayson paints the Divine Feminine and the Essence of Woman. She painted her Goddess Chakra series called ‘The Essence of Color’ whilst journeying through a profound transformation and transitioning in her own life. The Goddess Chakra series have helped countless women find their own power and sense of self. She has created a chakra meditation kit and a creative visualization meditation, which helps one to quickly and easily align and empower themselves on a regular and consistent basis. Please visit Jo Jayson’s website to learn more and see her incredible work of the heart and soul. Also a popular workshop! Please reserve your spot early!

Photo: Nourishment for the entire Woman Within ...Body-Mind-Spirit. Reading and enjoying a green apple smoothie with kale, lemon, ginger (and I forget what else:) <3

On a brilliantly sunny early Spring day, following the pink moon last night, I set out into ‘town’-that being the Bucks County, PA ‘burb called Doylestown for a much procastinated medical appointment.  After the exam, I headed to a newly opened biz  on one of the main thoroughfares for an infinitely more enjoyable doc visit. Doc Baker’s Farmulation offers cold pressed  juice & plant based food,  organic, local, Non-GMO, soy free, dairy free; just the thing for this health conscious,  soon to be heading to the gym, gracefully aging hippie who wants to remain so. Loved the colorful atmosphere, the friendly staff,  as well as the pineapples on the tables and windowsills  that served both as decoration and contents of tasty treats.  Accompanied by a book called Discover Your Woman Within: A Journey To Wholeness that I will be reviewing shortly for The Bliss Blog, I sipped and savored a green apple smoothie that contained (besides apples),  kale, ginger and lemon juice. The sweet-tart combination remains with me even a few hours later and my body is humming with delight.

As I was enjoying the repast for body, mind and spirit, a woman named Arlene perches on a nearby stool and we strike up a conversation about ‘life, the Universe and everything’; topics ranging from her job in the correctional system in NJ, to nearing retirement, from planning a trip to Disneyworld with her grandchildren in the Fall, to my interview with the Dalai Lama, from the Woman Within training I took a few weeks ago, to creating vision boards. We agree that everything happens for a reason and somehow we were meant to meet today; not sure yet the purpose.

Lately I have pondered  even more intensely why things happen the way they do and when  I  am going to be living my dreams full out. Since I teach these concepts, I figure that I had better have some idea of direction and focus. Each day I write, plan, scheme, seedplant and plot my next moves. I ask the Universe for guidance, and mostly listen for the response and more often than not, follow it. I surround myself with positive people who encourage and support my forward leaps and lofts. There are times when I get bewildered and entangled in snares and snarky sentiments. I immerse myself in inspiring books and music. Listening to Pandora now, IZ issuing forth with Somewhere Over The Rainbow. My heart rides on the Hawaiian waves~

I can taste and feel the difference when I am attuned to the woman within. Somewhere Over The Rainbow-Iz

Photo: The moon posed so prettily <3


The night sky above my house (and maybe yours too, depending on where you are at the moment) is illuminated with a gorgeous full moon, also known as the Pink Moon. The hue is not really pink but:

“Pink moon is so named because it occurred at around the time the plant wild  ground phlox begins to blossom. Indigenous Americans took this as a sign that  Spring had arrived.”

I love ritual since it connects me with God/Goddess/All That Is and on this auspicious occasion, I incorporated one that my friend Elizabeth Pfeiffer, who is an energy healer and spiritual teacher, suggested.

A sheet of paper (yellow preferably, as this represents the solar plexus chakra – the source of your power and will)

  • A Red Pen (As Red represents the Root Chakra – the source of grounding, safety and security)
  • A set of matches and a candle (or you could use your stove)
  • A non-flammable bowl either glass, ceramic or metal


If you meditate, then do so for about 10 minutes to prepare. If not, just find a quiet place where you can be alone to contemplate the things you’re looking to release.  (I.e. repair of an old relationship, releasing debt, releasing old issues from childhood, releasing uncomfortable energy around a specific person/situation etc… you can even ask that an illness be released as well! There is no limit to what you can ask for to be released – you’re only limited by the extent of your imagination.)

Take your red pen and draw a large circle on your paper. (Large enough so that the circle almost reaches the outer edges.)

Write down all of the things you’d like to release within the circle of the paper. (This is symbolic of handing over these issues to the moon, spirit etc…)

Then fold  up your paper and burn it. You can use a candle, outside fire-place, your stove, matches etc… Just make sure you have some type of non-flammable pot, bowl or dish you can place the burning paper into so the flame doesn’t spread. I would recommend doing that burning OUTSIDE in order to avoid any accidents.

The burning process acts as a Symbol of you sending your issues into the higher realms so that Spirit can take it up to the heart of Source (Mother, Father, God, Creator – whatever term you use) In order to release that which is in your best and highest good.\


Remember, the more honest you are with this exercise the more potent your intention is – so let it rip! Try it out and come back here and post how you did and share how this exercise may have assisted you!

I have been planning this exercise all day since I had a boatload of things to surrender.  Many seem juxtiposed, but then again,  I am woman of many moods and facets. They included:

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of  trading freedom for committment

Fear of being alone forever

Belief in scarcity

Belief that I am not enough

Envy that others have what I want

Fear that I will never live the life of my dreams and desires

Attachment to previous relationships

Need for a particular outcome

After I wrote these items and others, I folded the paper and placed it in a ceramic crock pot, ignited it, as well as a sage smudge stick. As the smoke rose and the paper turned into grey ash, I could feel myself grow lighter and in let-go mode. Since Nature abhors a vaccuum, into the space I have created, I welcome in abundance in all forms, vibrant good health, a wonderful Life Partner, powerful opportunities to travel, teach, learn and heal and live my heart and soul’s deepest desires….full out, no holds barred.

And so it is! Pink Moon by Nick Drake


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