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In Judaism, the 10 days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur are known as the ‘Days of Awe’ and they invite introspection on a grand scale. In my childhood, it meant going to synagogue for services that felt like they were going to last for 10 days each. As an adult, I created my own rituals which involved fasting, prayer, meditation, letting go of old patterns and ways that didn’t serve, sitting by water, immersing in nature. Far more fulfilling than praying by rote even though some of the familiarity of the prayers was comforting.

This past Sunday, I attended a service at an interfaith community of which I have been a part since 1984. Pebble Hill, located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania welcomes people from various traditions and on specific holidays, offers a flavor of that faith and invites full participation. My friends Deva Troy and Gary Schoenberg led the celebration that focused on the idea of T’shuvah (turning, as in turning over a new leaf).

One of the aspects of the service is doing a personal inventory. This could not have been more perfect timing since I have been working on my 4th step and conducting a “searching and fearless moral inventory”. We were asked to write what it is we wanted to repeat and what we wanted to change.

On my keeper list, was:

Saying I love you everyday

Being reliable

Taking care of myself in body, mind and spirit

Being real and transparent

Speaking my truth

Focus on the positive

Continue to come clean with myself and the people in my life

Continue the forgiveness process

Writing daily

Putting my work out there everyday

Being Love


Ch ch ch changes….

Releasing fear

Letting go of co-dependent behaviors

Releasing blame

Slowing down

Willingness to receive love and support when before I deflected it

Self compassion

Trusting in the Highest Good outcome

Walking with myself and others through whatever comes up, without rushing through it

Transforming my inner critic into an ally


What are yours?


As a group, we ate apples and honey, to symbolize the idea of bringing sweetness into the New Year. It brought together folks who had grown up in the Jewish tradition and there were but a handful of us, as well as those who had never experienced the ritual in a communal setting.

We also recited a Reconstructionist version of the traditional prayer.

Avinu Malkaynu — Our Parent, Our Sovereign

By Burt Jacobson | Prayer


“Our Father, our King, teach us how to make this year a new beginning. Our Mother, our Queen, teach us how to grow from the harshness of life. Our Source and our Destiny, teach us how to accept what we must accept. Our Guide and our Truth, teach us to change what must be changed.

Our Father, our King, teach us how to face disease and death. Our Mother, our Queen, teach us how to enjoy the gifts of life. Our Source and our Destiny, teach us how to make peace with our enemies. Our Guide and our Truth, teach us how we can best help our people, Israel.

Our Father, our King, teach us how we can best help all humanity. Our Mother, our Queen, let us find pardon for our wrongdoings. Our Source and our Destiny, let us return to You, wholly and completely. Our Guide and our Truth, teach us how to help those who are ill.

Our Father, our King, let us write our names in the Book of Life. Our Mother, our Queen, help us to find meaningful work. Our Source and our Destiny, help us to find inner freedom. Our Guide and our Truth, help us to learn how to love.

Our Father, our King, receive our prayers. Our Mother, our Queen, teach us how to be good lovers. Our Source and our Destiny, teach us how to be good parents. Our Guide and our Truth, teach us how to be good children.

Our Father, our King, teach us how to be good friends. Our Mother, our Queen, teach us how to be good Jews. Our Source and our Destiny, teach us how to be good people. Our Guide and our Truth, teach us how to be one with Your universe.

Avinu malkeinu (3) chaneinu va’aneinu ki ein banu ma’asim Asai imanu tzedakah va’chesed (2) Ve’hoshi’einu Avinu malkeinu (3), grant us justice and bring us salvation, Grant us justice and loving kindness (2) and bring us salvation.”

From the Yamim Noraim supplement of Congregation Mishkan Shalom, Philadelphia.

Used with permission of the author Avinu Malkeinu by Phish ( a rather unusual version)


“Is love not meant to be expressed in every second that you are breathing the breath of Life itself?”-Judith Kusel

This line, penned by a South African author,  grabbed me by the heart and wasn’t about to let go when I read it this morning. When I consider that glorious sensation of being in love with life, I am filled with awe. You see, love has long been a mystery to me. I have never quite figured out if it is an emotion, a verb, an energy, or simply a state of being. Maybe it is all of those things and even more, beyond my human comprehension. What I do know is that it is indispensable, my life blood, the air through my lungs. It is what animates me. In this moment, I am listening to gentle piano music that carries on its notes, the signature of the musician through whose fingers love flows. When I awoke a short while ago, I noticed the sun streaming through the curtains and felt the crispness of nearly Autumnal air, confirmed by seeing that the temperature was 45 degrees (rare for this time of year here in the Philadelphia area, but welcome after heat waves this summer) and it felt as if Mother Nature was scattering love, beckoning me into this day. My fingers are caressing the keyboard, since for me, writing is an act of love. I am anticipating heading out later today to be with friends at  an event at Anahata Yoga (anahata is the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra) where there will be many expressions of love. Last night, I attended a concert during which my friends Deva Troy and Elaine Silver offered musical love, the resonance of which I’m certain is still hanging around the room at Pebble Hill Church in which fans gathered to sing and clap along. Hugs were plentiful and had me smiling as I drove home. When I stepped out of the car, I was engaged in flirtation with the stars that winked down from the ebony sky. Crawling under the comforter, I felt lulled to sleep and dreamed vividly.

Opening emails this morning, I read this beautiful story that came, as if special delivery, on the same topic. It was written by Jennifer Pastiloff who is a yoga teacher and writer in Santa Monica, California. She speaks of an encounter in a library with a man named David who was wearing a sign that bore two simple words:  BE LOVE. Smiling, she asked to take a photo of him and then he handed her the placard and asked her to wear it for two hours. She complied and wore it to her yoga class and noticed with delight, the responses she received.

Although we don’t all carry a sign around with us, we can all live and breathe the love that we were born to be. How do you embody love?  For me, it is as natural as smiling at ‘strangers’ who don’t remain that way for long, since we are all joined at the heart. It takes the form of sending reiki and prayers if someone is hurting physically or emotionally. It shows up in commenting on someone’s sharing on Facebook, reminding them that we are all such mirrors for each other. It (and this one has been challenging for me) is also about letting love in; not deflecting it when people want to do things for me. It is also connected with trusting that a benevolent Universe has my Highest Good in mind, despite appearances at times.

Head out into your day BE-ing Love incarnate~

As I was finishing this article, the song The Verb To Love by Todd Rundgren came on the radio…perfect timing.  Read Jennifer’s story here on Daily Good




Tonight I interviewed David Bedrick for my show called It’s All About Relationships. He is a therapist who was trained in process oriented psychology and ‘meets clients where they are’, which is what I, as a social worker was taught to do as well. Where we are really IS the only place we can start the therapeutic journey. He is the author of the book called Talking Back To Dr. Phil which answers the idea of main stream psychology that seems to be more about action and the mind, rather than deeper insight that can lead to profound healing.

As we were speaking, it occurred to me that an effective therapist is someone who ‘walks with’  his or her client, accompanying them on their journey. I’m not dissing anyone’s therapeutic style or education/orientation, but I have discovered that when I sit with, walk with, BE with the one sitting before me, as they are baring their heart and mind, I can tap more deeply into what they are saying or not saying. I have noticed that when I am allowing for full presence with myself, I offer it to them as well.

A recent change has allowed me to get real with the woman in the mirror, peeling off layers, taking off the mask, daring to bare what lies beneath, being patient while I sometimes sit in the muck and mire. Intimidating, as I confront my scary monsters that lurk and hiss, showing fangs and threaten to topple my sometime precarious house of cards that makes up my life. Last week as I was in my office in a drug and alcohol counseling center, I was uncharacteristically silent much of the time, listening rather than giving instruction, being rather than doing. My clients seemed more forthcoming as a result and believe it or not, I felt more ‘productive’ than when I spoke more. The beauty of silence allowed them to really be heard.

Over the years, I have been amazed at the ultimate resilience of my clients, many of whom had survived horrendous abuse and debilitating trauma. I was at times, in a desperate scrambling search for whatever might ‘kiss the boo boos and make them all better,’ since it was sometimes excruciating to bear witness to their pain, even as honored as I was to be able to do that. I sometimes rushed them through their process and as a result, may have cheated them of true healing. These days, as I am more at ease with my own pain, I can be with theirs as well. I am willing to be a companion on their healing journey.

Thanks, David for that reminder. to hear our interview archived

I first encountered the remarkable Courtney A. Walsh (CAW) via Facebook and was beckoned into her wondrous wordsmith world immediately. With the same quirkily colorful imagination, she felt like a kindred spirit immediately. I met her this Spring when I drove up to Rhode Island for my nieces’ graduation from Johnson and Wales. From the minute I walked into her eclectically decorated apartment, I felt very much at home.  A piece of her writing called Dear Human has gone viral.
“Dear Human:
You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from and where you’ll return. You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling. Demonstrated through the beauty of… messing up. Often. You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already are. You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous. And then to rise again into remembering. But unconditional love? Stop telling that story. Love, in truth, doesn’t need ANY other adjectives. It doesn’t require modifiers. It doesn’t require the condition of perfection. It only asks that you show up. And do your best. That you stay present and feel fully. That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU. It’s enough. It’s Plenty.”-Courtney A. Walsh
I have yet to meet her ‘partner in co-creative mischief’, Maria Gutierrez-Ferrar with whom she has designed a workshop called Happily Ever Now, but was fascinated with this moving, grooving force of nature. I welcome you to enjoy this interview with these two he(art)ists.
Edie: We are so accustomed to the idea of ‘happily ever after’. Why do you call your work Happily Ever Now?


Maria: For me, We truly only have “NOW” as we know, happiness is a choice not an outcome of our situation. I’ve worked with hundreds of women that tell me, I’ll be happy when…I lose the last 10 lbs, or I get that face lift or the love of my life shows up or whatever… Unless we are happy NOW none of those things will TRULY , completely & PERMANENTLY happen ! We’ll end up unhappy again and again!


Edie: Why is passion so vital to our lives?


Maria:  Passion is everything! The lifeforce behind any action! If we love what we are doing it resonates with everyone and everything. The Universe/Source responds in kind. Otherwise we are just meandering about trying to figure “it” out. Most people aren’t even sure what “it” is! They just “FEEL” unhappy! How did you each discover your own unique passion and purpose? Through years of PAIN, emotional , spiritual and ultimately physical ! I am not advising anyone to take this path! But for me it was necessary. I dishonored myself and my body for most of my youth. To mask the pain of physical, mental and sexual abuse I turned to drugs, alcohol, sex , food, you name it. My road of recovery led me back to myself and my first passion “DANCE” Music and The Arts! After having 20 years of recovery I was able to share the tools that helped me CREATE a life beyond my wildest dreams!

Courtney:  Passion to me is actually quite a peaceful experience now. It’s not all fireworks and show. It’s a feeling of: “Yes, this nourishes me. This is where my juice is. This has heartmojo.” And it has its own magnetism. Its own agenda. Purpose flows from there. It isn’t this hyped thing to me. It’s really subtle. Organic. Flowing. My purpose is really to write my heart out. To tell the deepest and highest truths people think, know and feel but are often afraid to say. To be willing to show up, get out of the way and let Spirit move through me. Pain? Yeah it’s a part of any progress. The flavor in any cosmic stew. But I really do feel more and more that the entire planet is moving from pain/struggle to ease/thriving. It’s so new and foreign we don’t even fully know what it looks or feels like yet. Learning through pleasure and fun is just as valuable and noble to me now.
I find passion and purpose most in presence. Presence is multidimensional. Meaning I can hold many realities and possible timelines and vibes at once…and choose the ones I want to activate and recognize the ones that no longer serve me. Soul weaving. Energy conducting


Edie: What tools do you encourage people to use to uncover their own?

Maria: STILLNESS/ MOVEMENT/ DANCE/TUNING IN/ PLAY because our bodies have an innate intelligence and reconnecting to that heals us. Only by healing the “FEELING” of disconnection to ourselves and others can we begin to see the magic in our lives. This next paragraph was written by Misty Tripoli who created “The World GROOVE Movement” (which i have been facilitating for over 5 years) for this exact purpose. “The mental, physical, and emotional benefits of utilizing your creativity are endless. If you start from the inside out and nurture your spirit first, you create a healthier more harmonious inner environment for the optimal function of your cells, organs, and systems that sustain your life. Yes, it matters what you eat. Yes, it matters how you move, but even more important than these is how you think, how you feel, and how authentic and creatively expressive you are in your life.” Through this movement we have helped thousands of people around the world connect to themselves in an Authentic Way! check out

Courtney: So we’re going to write. We’re going to dance. And talk about anchoring and growing conscious, heart-centered business models and engaging a true individual/global prosperity mentality. We’re going to get in our bodies. And share our voices. And support and encourage and push and catch each other. Because as the Dalai Lama so eloquently said: “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” And I’d add: when she loves herself genuinely and gently with a wild abandon and total freedom? The world benefits enormously. It took me a long time to even begin to start aching for this kind of self love. To see it as grace and not selfishness. To see it as radiance and not ego. I still forget every day. And then something jars me from me soul amnesia or conditioning. And then I remember again. So that’s what we are here to do. Keep helping each other? Remember.


Edie: Can anyone become what I call a master manna-fester?

Maria: I say YES! but I’ll let Courtney answer this one! Why do folks settle for less than what they desire and play small? FEAR! we deal with this a lot in GROOVE. Fear restricted movement which will creep into your life eventually! and Visa Versa, Big, Bold, stepping out in a huge way with movement will ultimately free you in day to day life! I’ve seen it work miracles!

Edie: Courtney, you call yourself a conscious warrior and Maria, a Groove facilitator. What does those titles mean to you?

Maria: We call ourselves GROOVE facilitators not teachers or instructors because honestly we have no Idea how you should be moving your own body!!! NO ONE does! In order for us to TRULY connect to our authentic selves we MUST LISTEN to ourselves first and then move. NOT COPY SOMEONE ELSE!!!! We facilitate a safe and free space for that magic to happen! What are participants likely to experience in your playshop? The JOY of moving, dancing and playing that you enjoyed as a child. Reconnecting to your AUTHENTIC SELF! ALL OF IT! and the FREEDOM to be YOU!

Courtney:  Actually the term Consciousness Warrior wasn’t my term but I do like it. I’m more like a Love Ninja. I sneak up on you—full frontal attack and BAM…whack you with love nunchucks. Mostly by destroying all notions of what you thought love was (obligation/sacrifice/self denial/codependency) and replacing them with ideas that feel more real, whole and empowering. (Omg…love the word nunchucks…now I’m envisioning somebody “chucking nuns” which is a hilariously naughty visual. for this former Catholic schoolgirl!). I do like CAWnsciousness because it incorporates my initials. But anyway labels schmabels…sometimes we don them and shed them like clothing.

REGISTER at!happy/c23ev