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The holidays had me in the company of loved ones from all of the overlapping soul circles in my life. Some were family of birth and others family of choice, that entered my world unexpectedly and intentionally. Gratitude flows for each one of them.

In early December, I hosted our annual Latke Party to celebrate all of festivals of lights, including Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Each one intends to open us to more love as we focus on giving our hearts and time to those in our inner circles, as well as those we may never meet. My home filled with the sounds of laughter and song and the air was redolent with the scrumptious smells of potato pancakes and other tasty treats the guests had brought to share.

The Winter Solstice brought together a circle of women who honored the Four Directions and the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as we relinquished what we wanted to release from this year and welcomed in what we wanted to attract in the new year.

On Christmas morning, I visited a young man who I mentor in an adolescent treatment program. We initiated our relationship earlier in the year and once a week, get together to support him in re-creating his life. A definite bond has developed between us as he now reaches out to hug me when I leave…not typical teen boy behavior. He loved the Superman pajamas I brought him, since the character is a role model for him and the game Jenga which had us working in cooperation to build the tallest tower we could, rather than competing with each other to see who would knock down the structure first.

Next stop was my sister in-law and brother in-law’s home.  Although my husband died 17 years ago, we are still family and I had officiated at my niece’s wedding back in May. She had been our two year old flower girl at my wedding, 28 years earlier. Such a joy to stand with her. I had the pleasure of visiting with my nieces, nephew, his girlfriend, as well as my other sister in-law and 97 year old Aunt Kitty, who seems ageless. A warm feeling carried me to my next destination.

An hour later, I pulled up in front of the home of my son’s girlfriend’s parents for Christmas dinner. I recognized it from the photos she had taken of their lawn display of blow up decorations. Entering the home, I was greeted with hugs and wonderful food. Her parents are gracefully aging hippies like me and her father showed me signed posters from rock concerts that lined the walls. Peace signs were on the bathroom wall and hanging as ornaments on their tree. Clearly, the Universe knew what it was doing when it brought our families together.

As we approach the New Year in few days, I welcome new additions to the tribe who so bless the world with their presence.


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