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Everyone I know has some manner of parking angel who assists them in locating a spot in a lot or the street. In my family, my mother’s brother Jim played that role. We would refer to them as “Uncle Jimmy Parking Spots,” in his honor. I have found them in the most challenging of locations. Center City, Philadelphia, South Street (made famous as the ‘hippest street in town” with the musical query “Where do all the hippies meet?  South Street, South Street) and in Manhattan, during rush hour, at 5:00, right in front of the building where I was to teach a class, for FREE. How do you like them apples?  They aren’t always as convenient, but always just right. A few years ago, I was working at an event featuring Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith who sing, preach and teach about The Law of Attraction. I had parked six or so blocks from the church where it was held and when I got out of the car, I found a penny next to it. I let it hang out and intended to pick it up on the way back. Following  loooonnngg day during which the presentation had a lot to do with manna-festing our dreams and desires. Around 11pm, I returned to the car and saw that it had invited a very good friend …. a $20 bill. I glanced around, looking for Candid Camera. Nope. Wondered if I was being set up to be mugged. Thank goodness, I wasn’t. I picked up the windfall and thanked the generous Spirit and Uncle Jimmy. He died more then ten years ago and I visited him in the hospital. I told him that he was a legend among my friends and that I often loaned them my parking mojo. He reminded me “I will always find you the perfect parking spot.” He has never let me down.

My friend Lisa who often invokes the parking powers of Uncle Jimmy, wanted to know what he looked like. I told her I would search through family photos and find one for her. Today, as I was doing much needed sorting, cleaning and organizing, I came upon this picture of Uncle Jim and Aunt Sue who had been sweethearts for many years. She died a few years before he did and he missed her terribly until he joined her.

I am grateful that he remains a consistent traveling companion.


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