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In the moment, I am aware of end of the day sleepy eyes ready to close. Good thing I can type without looking at the keyboard. A few decades as a journalist allows for that talent. Amazing that I was relatively challenged in high school, or was it junior high school typing class?

In the moment, I am aware that my mind has been abuzz with thoughts about preparing for attending a conference over the next few days focused on psychology and spirituality which will be a treat. Bonus that I will be writing about it and receiving social work continuing ed credits.

In the moment, I am aware of the hum of the computer as it does its job of supporting my tip tap typing.

In the moment, I am aware of a full feeling in my tummy after enjoying a Chinese meal for dinner tonight and the satisfaction of knowing that the steamed veggies, tofu and brown rice was a healthy choice.

In the moment, I am aware of residual joy from spending time with a long time friend as we watched the Disney Pixar film called Inside Out. I will be writing a review for it shortly. Perfect for this point in my life, since it is about the ways in which emotions need to work together to keep the ‘headquarters’ running smoothly.

In the moment, I am aware of the gift of my writing mojo that keeps the wheels turning in my head, leaving me sane and vertical much of the team.

In the moment, I am aware of a sense of gratitude for the multitude of blessings in my life.

In this moment, I am all present and accounted for.


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