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I was born in 1958, an autumnal arriving mid-October Libra child whose passion is collaboration. My husband  Michael (who is now in Spirit) used to refer to me as a ‘second generation hippie’, since I was 11 when Woodstock graced the hills of rural New York. He, born in 1950, considered himself part of the first wave of hippies who dressed in tie die and fringe and flashed the two fingered peace sign and tossed around words like “groovy” and ”cool”  as if they were so many flower petals scattered to the winds. He attended (as Mother Teresa would have called them) pro-peace rallies and was a conscientous objector during the Viet Nam war, so I guess that would have qualified him.

Even in my 50′s, I still live the part, dressing colorfully, speaking out about injustice and encouraging cooperation. My rally history includes alternative energy protests, marching for the ERA (Equal Rights Ammendment for those too young to recall the silliness of  those who were against it on the grounds that they thought it would mean uni-sex bathrooms, when what it really about was equal pay for equal work.) Some of my favorite music harkens back from those halcyon days. 

I heard one of my favorites on the way back from the gym tonight. Get Together by Jesse Colin Young and The Youngbloods, wafted through my car as I wound my way down Bucks County, PA back roads.


Get Together

and as a bonus  Sunlight….. a sweet sensual love song


Peace, man <3


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