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From the wise mind and heart of Courtney A. Walsh: “Help Wanted: Vibrational entrainment specialists needed. Job description: You will set the tone of love, bring light & harmony wherever you go. You will not do this through suffering but through joy. This position requires extreme flexibility, be both vulnerable AND strong. You possess an open mind, open heart & deep respect for all life. Room for growth. Excellent benefits. Apply within”.~CAW

Do you remember signing up for this role?  The  deeper I go into my spiritual/life practice, the more I recall that I did indeed request this assignment long before I incarnated in this Humanly Divine and Divinely Human form. In each moment, I have a choice whether to face whateveh comes my way, with joy or struggle.  Joy is much more fun, soul satisfying and life enhancing.  Are you willing to ‘apply within’?  What a lovely double entendre’ that is.  When we look within, we are able to glean such infinite treasure and discover skills we didn’t realize we possessed.  How would you put to use the concepts you discover?  This is leadership stuff we are talking about here. Management material for setting the tone for the rest of your life. The CEO of the Universal Corporation is awaiting your reply with anticipation.

Courtney A. Walsh expresses herself in this way on her facebook page:

Founder, Mental Wellness Author and Speaker
Author of “Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin”, speaker, dreamer,  do-er, copywriter, editor, marketing consultant, Reiki practitioner, humor catalyst, sister, daughter, friend, auntie, mischief maker, authority questioner, life embracer, love lover loving and beloved child of the UNI-VERSE. Yeah. That’s right. And what/who are YOU?   

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