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This is Part III of A Week of Gratitude. If you were to choose one single thing or category of thing for which to be thankful, what would it be?  What would you miss most if you didn’t have it?  […]

We all know the downfalls of Facebook.  It is a total “time suck,” for sure.  It does lower productivity, for sure.  (I’m sure most of us have heard of at least one boss forbidding Facebook on company time.)  It does […]

Home.  I find this to be a beautiful word, don’t you?  It conjures up such feelings of comfort. What makes a house a home?  Certainly these two words differ.  A house has four walls and rooms between them.  But a […]

My living situation has been in a state of great flux lately.  I had moved to a new state three months ago and for two months was ensconced in a home that was perfectly fine and functional.  I had been […]

I need to take a moment and express my gratitude for friends. Recently I have been staying at the home of a couple I met only two months ago.  They have taken me under their wing and given me the […]