Blessings Abound

In this new house which I am sharing with a roommate, I have two rooms to myself.  Each of them has one window.  They are perfectly fine rooms, but I am someone who craves light with a passion.  I like not only lots of windows, but views.  What’s the point of living in a place of incredible beauty if I can’t see it?  Therefore I told my roommate I would like to have a desk in the living room.  Fortunately she agreed and we made it so.

I am now sitting at an ample old wooden table backed up to the largest window in the living room.  It looks out over some desert grass, many pinon and juniper trees, a few mountain peaks, and a gorgeous ever-changing sky.  It’s a fabulous place to work.

From this window I see birds fluttering from one tree to the next.  I see butterflies wafting by on warm breezes.  I see hummingbirds zipping past.  I see a bench patiently awaiting a human occupant.  I see the grasses and the branches dancing with a breeze.  I feel bountifully blessed by this Room with a View.

If I must be inside, I like to maintain at least some connection with the outside world.  It could be a visual connection (looking out windows) or a feeling connection (breezes coming through windows or doors) or a sound or scent connection (hearing birds or smelling flowers through open windows.)

But perhaps it is even more important for me to get my body and spirit out the door.  Once outside, my views can be so much more vast.  And I can walk wherever I want to see a different view.  Being outside provides the ultimate views.

I am grateful for this world of Beauty.  I am grateful to live in a place of such Beauty.

May you be blessed with beautiful views both inside and outside.

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