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Something rather scary happened to me last night.  Someone pounded on my door yelling, “Help me, help me!”  I answered the door cautiously having heard stories of strangers getting people to open the door and then charging in with ideas of malintent.  There at the door, obviously frantic, was a man excitedly calling out, “Help me, help me! Someone’s after me.  They’re chasing me.  They have an axe.” 

At this point I think he’s crazy and I’m more than a little afraid of him.  But I also believe I can’t just turn my back on him if there is the tiniest possibility this could be true, so I say I’ll get my phone.  I order him to “Stay there. Stay right there.”  He’s outside my door and I repeat my order several times as I look to find my phone.  I give him my cell phone and he ran away with it!  I yell, “Bring me back my phone!”  He says he will, but at this point I think I just got scammed out of my phone and I can’t even call the police to tell them about it.  Fortunately, about five or ten minutes later he brings it back.  I don’t open the door.  I tell him to leave it outside.  And then, per advice from friends on Facebook, my only means of communication while he had my phone, I do call the police.  (By the way, I do ask if he’s all right and he says yes and that he’s sorry.)

I live in a rather idyllic setting up in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado.  Since I moved here I have felt the wonder of living in such a beautiful and spiritual place.  This incident has greatly jarred my sense of peace.

I continued to feel unsettled last night after the police came and went.  And when a good neighbor came over to see if I was all right (bless her heart – I hadn’t yet even met her,) she reported to me, after hearing my story, that she had seen a white van parked behind my propane tank.  This new information unsettled me a bit further because it sounded like it could be someone from outside the neighborhood.  When I asked the police for their opinion, they guessed his behavior was probably the result of a bad trip or something.

Friends were encouraging me to stay with a friend last night and that’s what I ended up doing.  And now today, I have to face returning to a place that no longer feels as safe to me.

I have been hoping to get some clarity on why this has happened and what I am to learn from this situation.  What I’ve come up with is this.  Perhaps I need to learn how to act in a situation like this so that I may offer some words of wisdom to others who may face a similarly frightening situation.  After all, we don’t all live in a place of beauty and peace.  This world remains a dualistic world.  (Though I pray and have faith that this is changing.)

First of all, to feel fear is absolutely human.  What then do we do with this fear?  I have decided that when I return to the house, I will ask Archangel Michael to be by my side.  Archangel Michael, as some of you may know, is almost always pictured with a great sword at his side.  He has a powerful protector kind of energy.  I want him with me.

Secondly, I am acknowledging to myself that I have been born with rather big faith.  When faced with a big trip across the country and very little money, I have faith that it will all turn out all right.  When faced with early breast cancer, I had faith that my time here on Earth was not yet done.  When moving to a community where I didn’t really know anyone, I had faith that I was meant to be there and that all would be well.  If I can have faith through these life experiences, then surely I can now as well.  I will trust that everything is in divine order.

Thirdly, my friend Karen told me she was praying for me and this man.  She is praying for a sense of peace and calm to surround the whole situation.  Bless her!  I love that she is not only praying for me, but for him.  For he is clearly troubled and also greatly in need of peace.  Thank you, Karen, for reminding me of the right thing to do.

Fourthly, as fate would have it, today is the day of a bi-monthly spiritual ceremony that I like to attend.  It will be heavenly to immerse myself in the energies of good, kind-hearted people and the love of the Divine.  I have decided I will go to another spiritual community tomorrow morning.  This is the time to be spiritually fortified.

So, my friends, I am hoping that my interesting little experience will provide inspiration for both me and you.  As we go through life, there will be bumps in the road.  Some will be bigger than others.  When we hit those bumps, that’s when we have to rely even more heavily on the spiritual tools that get us through.

Thank you for caring.  May you be infinitely blessed.  May your day be filled with peace.

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