Bleed Into One

Like I said I’ve been on this for a while so I’m going to spend a couple of posts telling you how I got here. Here’s one I wrote a few years ago talking about the genesis of Bleed Into One.

The project that we now know as “Bleed Into One” began one day on my couch watching a film called “Grey Matter.” “Gray Matter” is a documentary directed by Joe Berlinger on an Austrian movement to bury the brains of 700 childhood victims of Nazi medical experimentation held over from World War II. The doc was very moving and relevant to not only it’s subject matter but the human condition in general. For those who aren’t into documentaries, Joe Berlinger is a name right up there with Michael Moore in terms of influence. Some of Joe’s earlier films include: “Brother’s Keeper”, “Paradise Lost: the Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills”, “Paradise Lost 2, Revelations”, and “Metallica, Some Kind of Monster.” He is also responsible for the “Iconoclast” series on Sundance Channel. Anyway, I was thinking about how great Joe’s films were and how he was really doing well for himself making docs that were important as well as entertaining. Then I had a thought: “someone should do this for Christian Rock” and that was about it. The gears started turning (as much as the gears in my head can turn at least) and I came to the realization that I could actually do a documentary on Christian Rock, or at least be a part of such of film. A bit of background on me, I’ve been a film and music geek most of my life and at that point been a promoting Christian Rock concerts for several years, but more on that later though. It began to dawn on me that I actually had enough connections in the scene to make such a film happen. But then reality set in and I realized that although I was very familiar with the subject matter, I had absolutely no skill or knowledge in the field of filmmaking. Problem. In the next few days I remembered that a friend of mine, Chad, had mentioned to me that he knew a guy that was a director and had recently completed a documentary on the band Hanson.
Turns out the guy was Ash Greyson. Shortly thereafter, Chad hooked up a meeting at a Chilis in Tulsa. I had the chicken crispers, I think. Anyway Ash tuned out to be pretty cool and was interested in the idea right away. That was pretty much it, and then on to the interviews….

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