The Bible and Culture


 Tired of changing diapers?   No problem. The old wee pee cup solution.


Too tired to feed the baby? No worries— the gerry-rigged bottle will suffice.


Accidently buy a car from the U.K.?  No problem at all, a good old fan belt will fix it.


Windshielf wiper motor broken?  Nothing a little string can’t fix.


Wanted a woody, but they didn’t make em like that anymore?   Plywood to the rescue.


Seatbelt broken?  How about a neck harness instead?


Don’t want someone stealing your pin code?  I’d give the shirt off my back to fix that one.


Who needs a cooler when you have a washing machine?  Just don’t push the spin cycle button.


Doing some heavy reading?  You may need a few cans of spinach.


This repair made by a Kentucky native— Edwards Scissor Hands (aka the Depp man).

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There has to be some compensation for losing Lebron and the Browns and Indians continuing to be bad all at the same time.  And here it is residents of Cleveland and Canton.  The chief chef for the Charleston Riverdogs decided you needed more meat in your diet and created this extreme doggone sandwich for Northeast  Ohio (it would work in Milwaukee even better)—- a hot dog in a bratwurst in a kielbasa smother in souerkraut and other accoutrements. Calorie count— oh about 3,000 but who’s counting since its cold out there, and this actually is a bargain—- about $7.00 in the stadium.  This clearly qualifies if you are trying to fulfill Isaiah 55.1-3– ‘delight thyself in fatness……’

(Kudos to alert viewer Craig Beard for this one).

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The reason I deferred in writing this is because of “the
danger of wasting my time, since pretty much no one cares about truth
these days; rather they eagerly chase after money and political power
and insatiable enjoyment of pleasures, and to such an extent that they
think you are crazy if you spend your time on any serious pursuit of
knowledge.” Galen, 2nd century A.D.