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There is no unmoved Mover

Who set the stars a-spin

And crawled back into heaven

Never seen again.


There is no old Watchmaker

Who wound all things up tight

And then retreated quietly

Removed from thought or sight.


There is no Ground of Being

Unearthed by abstract thought

No universal solvent,

We conjured, made or bought.


There is no Passive Parent

Who idly stands aside

And watches all our mayhem

And never smiled or cried.


There is no God of the gaps,

Who only intervenes

When nature is overwhelmed

Or humans are too mean.


Instead there’s God the Passionate

Who works all things for good,

For those who ever love Him

And trusted that he would.


There’s God the ever present

The One who’s ever there

The One who’s most pro-active

The One who always cares.

There’s God the awesome artist

Whose rainbows grace the skies

And all creation mirrors

The twinkle in his eyes.


There’s God the Suffering Servant

Who hung upon the Tree

And when his people suffered, asked,

‘Why’d you persecute me?’


There’s God who is the mourner

Sits shiva for the dead,

There’s God the intervener

‘Tween me and things I dread.


There’s God who is the lover,

And will not give us up,

He will not give up on us,

For us he drank that cup.



There’s God the recreator

Recycling all our trash

And making new creation,

From piles of dust and ash.


There’s God the marriage broker

His Son and earthly bride

The church his long intended one

Standing by his side.


We never were left

To fend for just ourselves,

God never was A.W.O.L.

Sitting idly on some shelf.


No absentee Landlord

Not M.I.A. at all

He wipes the tears from every eye

And catches us when we fall.


Some day we’ll see him face to face

We’ll know as we are known,

Someday we’ll learn what we now trust,

We never were alone.



Aug. 27, 2010



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