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The never ending trial of Oden Golan, with all its twists and turns, seems finally to be winding down, and there are now some 9,000 pages of testimony and evidence. Amazing. 

There is now a new article in Time Magazine which suggests that the prosecution’s scientific witnesses who wanted to argue for forgery of the inscription, or at least part of it, in fact have misread the evidence, which now is said to support the authenticity of the inscription and the ancient nature of the patina in its letters.  I am not competent to assess this argument about isotopes
(see the article here,8599,1920720,00.html
but I am competent enough to say that it appears to me that the prosecution’s case is falling apart, not least because they have produced no further evidence of the conspiracy charge that there were a lot of forgeries perpetrated by Deutsch and Golan.

Stay tuned to further developments that deserves to be a prime time soap opera— I’m thinking it should be called ‘As the Stomach Turns’, or perhaps ‘My Life in Ruins’.

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