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Some folks — we call them Blitzers — love New Year’s resolutions, because they are always up for a challenge.  And the bigger the goal the better!But you may not be a Blitzer.  If you don’t like change and if […]

God didn’t make us with a cookie cutter.  Every single one of us is different.  Your New Year’s resolutions should fit YOU and your personality.  We’ve talked before about ways the different personalities can approach losing weight and getting fit. […]

“I can never keep my resolutions to lose weight,”  my young hairdresser told me. “I can’t stay on diet, so I’m not trying any more.” She’s off to a bad start — giving up on being a healthy weight before […]

How can you actually keep your resolutions this year? We talked yesterday about the importance of preparing physically.  Begin eating healthier and start weaning yourself off sugar to give yourself a better start. You can also start preparing yourself mentally.  […]