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Yes, God is really there, with you, all the time — but sometimes, because we can’t see Him, we forget.  Practicing His presence is a good way to focus on the reality of our living God.    That’s why we […]

I hope you have been enjoying walking with the Lord.  Click here to read about the best walking buddy. Yesterday we talked about beginning your conversation with some words of appreciation.  Today I have a suggestion for what to talk about […]

Would you enjoy a relationship with someone who was always talking, never listening?  How about if that someone was always asking something from you and never telling you “thanks” when you came through for him?  Now let’s suppose that your […]

The sun beamed down from a clear, blue sky, sending diamond shimmers across the lake. The deep, silent woods was a perfect place to spend time in Bible study and prayer .Except for the bugs! I shook off the latest […]

A crumpled check is still good money, if the signature is on it. So is a crumpled prayer, if Jesus name is really on it. -J. Piper Not sure how to pray for your weight loss?  Not sure your motives […]

Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.   Ps. 17:5 Sometimes a healthy eating plan seems like a slippery slope, doesn’t it?  It’s so easy to slide into bad habits and to make poor choices.  […]

We talked in a post last week about shrinking our clothing size by increasing the size of our worlds.  Becoming involved in a mission is an excellent way to do that. Click here to read about things that are fulfilling […]