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We’ve looked at 16 ways to rev up your metabolism — the rate your body burns fat.  I like to call them the “sweet sixteen.”  Here they are, in abbreviated form:   Eat small meals throughout the day.   Drink […]

You knew that Vitamin C prevents scurvy.  And when you have a cold you reach for the C supplements.  But did you know that Vitamin C can give your fat-burner a boost? The University of Arizona did a study in […]

Here’s another tip for revving up your sluggish metabolism:  Make sure you are getting your B vitamins. According to the American Dietetic foundation, several of the B vitamins can give your natural fat-burning powers a boost. Vitamin B2, also known as […]

Study after study has shown it — eating breakfast will kick your metabolism off and keep it running the rest of the day. There are several reasons breakfast works.  For one thing, it wakes up your leptin hormone and sets […]

Want a new way to speed up your fat burn?  Press the fast forward button for 10 to 40 seconds and your workout can become a much more effective metabolism booster.  I personally would be content to do just about  […]

Fight fat with fats– the right kind of fat, that is.  Several clinical studies (one is in the May 2007 edition of “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”) have shown that adding Omega 3’s to your diet, along with exercise, can […]

Freeze your buns off?  Maybe not. But the latest research from several universities show that you have a kind of fat that actually helps your body lose weight when the temperature is cool.  It’s called brown fat, and is a […]

Want a faster metabolism?  The answer could be in your glass.  It may not be what you are eating that is your problem, but what you are drinking. Alcoholic beverages pack on the calories and will drag down your metabolism.  […]

Want the easiest way possible to speed up your metabolism?  Catch some more zzzzz’s! It’s true.   In 1999 the University of Chicago did a study with eleven lean young men.  They had them sleep eight hours for the first […]

People trapped by pounds of fat feel like hiding in the dark. (Been there!)  But one of the best things you can do to speed up that dragging metabolism is to get out in the sunshine. I know, we’ve been […]